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BC Skyline Summer Cruises and SKYMEETWEST BBQ

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  • BC Skyline Summer Cruises and SKYMEETWEST BBQ

    Invitation is going out for Skyline Centered Cruises this summer. We want as many skylines to show up as well can get leading up to a SkymeetWest BBQ in Sept

    Jon Ceballos will be taking photos

    First one
    June 23rd

    Place to meet : Langley Colossus movie theater
    Time: TBA
    Destination: Cascade Falls
    Route: TBA

    July 21st: TBD

    August 11th: TBD

    Sept 15th: TBD

    I know the forum is pretty quiet these days, but im still here and kicking.,

    Bring out the OG skyline owners
    Skyline owers in the western region of Canada can come together once a year to talk, eat, and drive.. Prizes, hot cars, and adventures.
    FVI Fo Life
    Imports are more then a Fad, they are a Life Style
    Originally posted by JZ
    Agreed. Good to have you here Ben