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  • Tuning options?

    Hi! I'm picking up my first import this week, its all fresh and new rb26, Manley rods, wiseco pistons, ported head, 264 cams, s366 turbo, running a power fc.

    We are looking for a place to break in, and tune it. We are in Red Deer, but prefer not to deal with anyone here. So that leaves Edmonton and Calgary. I checked the dyno tuning sticky, and many of those places aren't around, and seems outdated in general.

    Who will treat me right? I know all the domestic tuners, but this is my dad's and my first foray into the import world.


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    If your in Red Deer, have you talked to Cam at Lightspeed? I have used him in the pass on some stuff and he was always good to deal with and never any BS.


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      Vex in Calgary seems to be the go to.


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        Afr seems pretty decent in redder. ... or vex in Calgary. ... or Toma

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          I talked to vex the other day and they can only tune hailtecs. I will be using toma.

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            Tentatively booked with Toma after Christmas, as long as I get the 400 fuel pump in and if it warms up a little. He was well known in the V8 scene, I didn't know he did Imports. He even tuned my uncles Procharged Dodge 360.

            It was a fluke actually. We were in town and picked up the engine from the engine builder in Calgary, and he asked if we knew how to break it in. I mentioned I was going to get a dyno shop to do it. He literally cringed , but then said if we didn't want potential hassles and problems, make the trip bring it back to Calgary and get Toma to do it. Apparently he's been their go to guy for over 15years.

            Popped into the shop, but his partner laughed, and said he doesn't work much in the winter, but Toma is into Imports in a big way now. His wife's 2jz s13 was there. Gorgeous car, and apparently ran 8.90s at 154mph in Edmonton this year! I think except for one Red Deer R35 built by T1R, that's the fastest import I've heard of in the province.

            Kind of excited now. Oh, and I have to add a catch can. But that's easy.