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Preliminary dyno results. Very excited!

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  • Preliminary dyno results. Very excited!

    Got her all together, and trailerered her down to Calgary. Toma got her fired up right away, and we spent all Sunday going through a rigorous break in procedure. Left it till today, they changed the oil and filter, and made 4 full dyno pulls. He just texted me a picture, and it made 495 and backed up with a 491.

    I can't seem to attach the picture, but whatever, I gotta say I am relieved after the nightmare, and destroyed engine the previous owner suffered at another shop. I was literally biting my nails, and it worked out great.

    Got a couple small issues to fix, a bit of boost creep, and the winter gas isn't liking it, and my manifold has a small crack I didn't notice, but still, minor considering.

    Driving down on my next day off to pick it up, just to be extra safe, I asked Toma to cut open and inspect the filter, he says he never has problems with D&W built engines, so should be all good, but why not.

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