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  • Camshaft selection

    Hello Everyone

    Currently I am building a Rb26 with spool rod, weisco piston (87mm), N1 oil pump with Spool Spline drive kit, ID1000, T04z, PowerFC D-Jetro.....Ect. This will mostly used for the street, some track days and if i am able to get anywhere from 550 to 600whp I will be happy.

    I am at the part of the build where I want to do some head work as they head will be off the block,. I had purchased new valve seats, guides and valve springs. However I think i may have shot my self in the foot and purchased the wrong spec valve springs.

    I had picked up the following

    Supertech Dual Valve Springs Kit RB26DETT 232 lbs
    Dual Valve Spring Kit
    • TYPE: Dual Spring
    • PRESS.SEAT: 92 @ 40.70mm Intake
    • MAX LIFT: 15.30mm
    • COIL BIND: 24.70mm
    • RATE: 12.50 lbs/mm
    • PRESS.SEAT: 82 @40.70mm Exhaust
    • SPRING : SPR-M1007D/RB
    Now i am on the hunt for cams.... can anyone please guide me in the right direction for Cam Selection. I am looking for something with low to mid range as I am not increasing the displacement by much going form 86mm to 87mm piston. I will be keeping the revs to below between 8000-9000.

    I have looked at the Tomei, Crower and kelford as they all make cams for the rb26, however they all seem to be in different units or display the cam spec card differently, it seems that the coil bind for these springs is lower then all Tomei's cams.... ( unless i am reading it wrong )

    Any help is much appreciated

    Thank you


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    600whp? go big. 280 or 290 kelford cams. best of the best.
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      You don't need that big, I had plain old HKS 260s in mine and she's gone 140mph in the quarter with a T88H34D. The less cam you have the longer the springs will last and the less grumpy it will be just driving around on a Saturday nite. The turbo and tune matters more than the cams.

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        hmm. interesting. It seems I have 290x11.5mm with little twins.
        No build thread.
        1991 nissan
        El terror

        "Built not bought" sooner or later = "broken not running"