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Identifying Transmission on R32GTR

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  • Identifying Transmission on R32GTR

    Sup guys,

    So I have been doing some research and correct me if I'm wrong:

    R32 GTRs came with either push or pull type clutch systems depending on the year, early models were push type and late models were pull type
    R33 and R34 GTRs all came with pull type clutches

    The easiest way to tell between a push type and pull type clutch is to take a look at the gearbox. If the clutch slave cylinder is infront of the fork, it is push. If the slave cylinder is behind the fork then it is pull (reference being the front and back of the car itself).

    I have been searching around (and maybe I'm not that good at it) but I could not find a definitive answer regarding identification using a number somewhere on the transmission. Can anybody tell me the location of the number to use?

    OK, now, what I know about my car:

    1994 Skyline GTR (late model, SHOULD be pull type)
    I have never opened up the gearbox, but the clutch pedal in the car does not feel stock. It's a bit tougher than stock, but is easy to drive even in traffic. I'm thinking maybe stage 2 sprung. Not steel as I have smelt it burn before.
    I look at the transmission and the slave cylinder is infront of the fork, indicating that it is a push type. Confusion ensues.

    So my clutch has recently started slipping and I'm looking into getting a new one, but obviously don't want to buy the wrong type. The car is street driven so I would like something not so harsh, but I have recently upgraded to nismo N1 turbos and now running 21psi of boost so something able to handle that and a bit beyond. I was thinking maybe the Nismo Copper Mix Competition Twin Plate. Before I make any commitment, I just wanted to be sure of everything.

    Do I have an old R32 push type transmission installed?
    Do I have an R32 pull type transmission that has been converted to push?
    Do I have an R33/34 transmission that has been converted to push?

    I need a definitive answer and was wondering if there was any way of doing this without removing gearbox. I was hoping to get my answer by raising the car and checking the outside of the box itself. I would aslo like to know which model skyline it came off of for power distribution purposes, as the R33/34 models have the electronic full time AWD (5% forward at all times) and the R32s have the mechanical ATTESA system that throws all power to the back until slip is felt.

    Can anyone give me pointers on how to properly identify my transmission to both know what type of clutch to get as well as what ATTESA system I have?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but you've basically answered what clutch to get:
    Slave is pushing towards back of the car, therefore pushing the throwout in, you need a push clutch.

    As for awd, the transfer case is controlled by various other systems in the car. You can swap an r33 transmission into the r32 gtr without ending up with the r33 ETS system, it would still be controlled by the r32 computer and use the same r32 logic. It's safe to assume that unless someone has installed a supertech or whatever ETS Controller you've still got r32 atessa as well.


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      Thanks for the help. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting anything wrong. I guess even if I'm not sure if it is a 32/33 gearbox, the clutch will be the same for both...just gotta make sure it's push then. In hindsight it can't be a 34 because it's not getrag so no confusion there lol.