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  • GTR Misfire

    Hi all looking for some help.
    I recent picked up 91 GTR. I was excited to come across this gem, but it has disappointed me that last couple months trying to solve a misfire. I isolated it to cylinder #3 and have done the following to attempt to fix it:
    - new coils with plugs (gap at .8) and harness loom, fuel filter and injectors cleaned, maf fix
    - compression test and electrical test, even swapped ecu and set timing - engine recently rebuilt prior to purchase
    - upgraded to LS coils to get rid of igniter and it ran fine for a minute then started to misfire again at idle
    Misfire is intermittent, that sometimes it starts at idle and goes away when it's warm up or run fine and misses at high rpms. I'm totally lost what else to try and considering to sell it.
    Anyone provide any suggestion and this post is probably in wrong section.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Problem solved, return line in tank (in fuel pump cradle) was clogged and FPR was shot causing excess fuel into cylinders.