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    Hey everyone, I recently picked up at 91 GTR and had low compression in Cyl #6. I figured it would be just a burnt valve (due to the previous owner running race fuel with no tune) But turns out it blew the ring land out of #6 piston. Now the cylinder wall is slightly scraped. So i was wondering if i should just ball hone and install new forged pistons? or if i should bore to 86.5mm?
    Then I just had my cylinder head valves and guides checked and turns out that all exhaust valve guides are shot so i have a few questions.
    1: Ball hone or Bore to 86.5mm?
    2: If bored to 86.5mm will i need a tune? and what headgasket works best? (want to keep normal compression ratio)
    3: Is it worth getting all new valves, guides and springs? If so, what brand do you find works best

    Basically i want to drive this car for 6 months out of the year and want it more or less reliable (i know thats a stretch haha) I dont want to tune it or go for big power, i will be rebuilding the turbos with steel wheels and better bearings. And installing head studs as well as con rod studs while i have it apart. Maybe even oil pump. I'm curious on if anyone has done alot of this kind of work (i'm new to skylines) and just want some opinions from people. And on what is the best route for me to go.