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  • New Car For ME

    I recently sold my 2008 350z that i have had for 5 years and decided to go with one of my Dream Cars...
    i found a 1992 Skyline R32 GTR,
    Can't wait to get started, i already had to replace a few things on it, but i mean its a project...and its 25 yrs old i really dont mind.

    Engine only has 85k on it body 115k.
    HICAS delete kir
    filter been relocated
    HKS exhaust 3" all the way
    Exedy Bully Stage 3 Cluth
    Air Intake Mines
    1-recaro seat
    NRG deep dish steering and quick release

    Cant Wait to start adding stuff my self

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    I cant post a picture for some reason


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      You'll have to go through photobucket to post pictures. Welcome to what's left of the forum!
      1992 BNR32 SKYLINE GTR


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