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Grinding noise at low speed from front of car!!

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  • Grinding noise at low speed from front of car!!

    I'm not really sure what else this could be at this point so I am hoping to find someone that can help.

    There's a grinding noise coming from the front of the car at low speeds. It seems to get louder the slower I go (whether that's due to engine noise or not I am not positive), but at a really slow roll it doesn't seem to happen. I need to be going about 3-5mph for it to happen.

    Things I've tried:
    - New front pads
    - Wobbled the front wheels, there doesn't seem to be any play.
    - Pulled the AWD fuse, no change.

    Clutch in/out doesn't matter. Boost doesn't appear to effect it, I can be coasting out of gear and it'll happen or under acceleration it'll happen. You can't hear it from outside the car, and it's a lot louder when the windows are up.

    My only other thought would be new rear pads, if the grinding noise is somehow transferring from rear to front but I highly doubt it.
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