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    Its been a few years since I've been on the forum, but the time has come that I am ready to get my 32 back on the road. Shes been sitting in my garage for a few years now but was running when I put her away. Although both turbos were shot. I am looking for advice as to what I am going to need to get to have her road worthy again. First order of business I assume is getting the bum turbos out. I have pulled out and reinstalled the turbo on my Pajero before and I'm no stranger to working on cars, so this is something I look forward to doing myself.
    But other than the turbos, what other things should I be looking at replacing/servicing. I would love to say its as simple as swapping them out, and turning the key, but I imagine that is no the case. I would just like to have a bit of an understanding of what to expect before I tear into her.
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