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r32 to r34 engine swap

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  • r32 to r34 engine swap

    Hi everyone,
    Well a time in all gtr owners ask them came to me today. Since now I have to rebuild my engine after a oil pump failure. Rebuild or Swap in a r34 block. Well I decided to go with the block. I'm planning to store the car for the next two years obviously replating it to avoid inspection. Now The pressing question is What exactly do i need to do to get this block in there. NO I dont want the r34 tranny and gimmicks. I just want the block. I know there is something to be done to change the front diff. and also re-wire the cam shaft sensor. But I need to know what needs to be done what wire goes where for the cam shaft. I plan to use original ECU on the car. I'm not looking for a race car. But reliability. So I plan on using a r34 block with its original turbos and the the r32 wiring harness. Please help me out on this project. The car already drained enough money out of my budget.

    R32 GTR 1990 oil pump failure.....

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    SEARCH > r34 engine and tranny into r32 > enter*

    lol sorry but this was JUST discussed not long ago
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      I'm not interested of the transmission just the block and details of the wiring . What's he's doing is different.


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        There's some minor re-wiring of the CAS sensor because the R34 uses a different style of CAS, other than that and the front diff ring gear swap it should be bolt in.

        I'd build your engine though. It'll come out cheaper and you'll end up with a better engine.
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          thats a thought know what needs to be re wired in the cas. It would be much appreciated!!!