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  • Chassis/Handling MOD Database.

    I've seen alot of set up aboutI engine/turbo but rarely seen anyone talks about their suspension set up. I am hoping to start a thread about this topic to aid whoever is needed.

    here is the format:

    Purpose of the car:

    Suspension -
    Spring Rate -
    Control Arms Front -
    Control Arms Rear -
    Bushings -
    Alighment -

    Chassis Reinforment -
    Brakes -

    __________________________________________________ _________
    This is my Set up.

    Purpose of the car: Mostly drifting/ occasional track day. Daily weekend driven.

    Suspension - Aragosta Fully adjustable Std Coilover.

    Spring Rate - Std 7.7kg/mm 5.5kg/mm, Midori 10kg/mm, 9kg/mm for track.

    Control Arms Front - Feast SPL Front upper control arms
    - Nismo Lower Control Arms
    - SPL Front Tension rod
    - SPL V5 tie rod ends

    Control Arms Rear - SPL Upper Control Amrs
    - SPL Traction rod
    - SPL Tie rod
    - Nismo Lower Control Arms

    Bushings - Nismo bushings in lower arms
    - Nismo rear coilover mount bushing
    - Custom Spherical Bearings on rear knuckle
    - SPL solid subframe bushing

    Alighment - I haven't done alighment yet.

    Chassis Reinforment - Tomei 3pt front strut bat
    - 14pt Rollcage with X door bars (not yet)

    Brakes - Brembo 6pot front Monoblock.
    - 355mm 2pcs rotor
    - Brembo R33 rear single piston
    - 350mm V36 rotor

    I am running front GTS-t suspension assembly, RWD conversion.
    S13 no hicas rear subframe with GTR knuckle/upright.
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    There is the set up of my 92 R32 GTR

    Purpose of the car: Street Daily Driver
    Suspension - Stock spring and shocks (Like new).

    Control Arms Front - Stock Lower and Upper Arms
    - Nismo Front Tension rod
    - new stock lower inner and outer ball joints

    Control Arms Rear - Nismo Upper Control Arms
    - Nismo Traction Arms
    - New Stock Rear Inner/outer Tie rods
    - Nismo Lower Control Arms

    Bushings - Nismo Rear Subframe Bushings

    Alighment - Home Made (Eyeballed)

    Chassis Reinforment - None

    Brakes - Project u 6pot front(Summer) and Stock(Winter).
    - 324mm 2pcs rotors (Summer) , stock (Winter)
    - Brembo R33 rear dual piston
    - stock rear rotors (I am looking for a set of R33 GTR rear rotors right now)


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      Purpose of the car:
      summer daily driver, regular track car

      Suspension -
      freshly rebuilt HKS fully adjustable coilovers
      which aren't damping adjustable anymore because valves were swapped for self adjusting ones

      Spring Rate -
      front; 8kg/mm
      rear; 6kg/mm

      progressive damping rate

      Front Control Arms -
      KTS adjustable upper control arm
      Cusco adjustable tension rods
      Moonface roll center adjusters
      Whiteline adjustable sway bar

      Rear Control Arms -
      AMS adjustable upper control arms
      Nismo traction links
      Whiteline adjustable sway bar
      Whiteline swaybar endlinks
      Driftworks Total HICAS Eliminator

      Bushings -
      solid aluminum rear subframe spacers
      Nismo steering rack bushings
      Nismo rear diff forward bushings

      Alighment -
      front camber; -2,1
      front caster; 8.2
      front toe; 0

      rear camber; -1.5
      rear toe; 0.2 in

      Chassis Reinforment -
      Nismo front strut bar
      Cusco rear tri-point strut brace
      Cusco adjustable tension rod pipe
      UltraRace front fender braces

      Front Brakes -
      R33 GTR brembo calipers
      AMS 2-piece 324mm rotors
      Hawk Hp+ pads
      custom brake cooling ducts

      Rear Brakes -
      STI brembo calipers (same as R33 GTR)
      Garage Saurus big brake conversion kit
      Garage Saurus 330mm rotors
      Hawk HP+ pads

      Brakes, system -
      TurboQuip teflon/SS braided brake lines
      Motul RBF660 brake fluid
      Cusco master cylinder stopper

      HICAS system has been fully removed

      Front wheel assembly
      Work Emotion CR Kai 17x9 +38 wheels
      Ichiba 25mm bolt-on wheel spacers
      Rays Duralumin extended nuts
      Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 255/40/R17 tires

      Rear wheel assembly
      Work Emotion CR Kai 17x9 +28 wheels
      Ichiba 15mm bolt-on wheel spacers
      Rays Duralumin extended nuts
      Falken Azenis RT-615 255/40/R17 tires
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        Purpose of the car: Daily Driver

        Suspension - Tein Flex Coilovers
        Spring Rate - Not sure, will find out once i start driving it more
        Control Arms Front - Stock (I believe)
        Control Arms Rear - Stock (I believe
        Bushings - Not to sure
        Alighment - It's aligned lol

        Chassis Reinforment - I'll have to do some searching lol
        Brakes - Stock

        I plan on learning about suspension and everything soon

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          Suspension - HKS Hypermax 3
          Spring Rate - 9kg front and 8kg rear
          Upper Links - SPL Parts
          Front Tension Rods - NAMS
          Front Sway Bar - Cusco
          Steering Rack Bushings - Nismo
          Rear Upper Links - AMS
          Rear Sway Bar - Cusco
          Full HICAS delete

          Alignment - Front -3 degrees camber
          +6 degrees caster
          1/8th inch toe out
          - Rear -2 degrees camber
          0 toe

          Chassis Reinforcement/Lightening - Nismo Front Strut Bar
          - NAMS Door Jam/Strut Brace
          - Nismo Subframe Bushings
          - Roll Bar
          - Sparco Circuit Race Seat

          Brakes - DBA Front Rotors, Project Mu Rear Rotors
          - Hawk HP+ Pads front(street/auto slalom) Hawk Blue(track), Hawk HP+ Pads Rear
          - Endless Brake Lines
          - Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper

          Rollers - Volk CE28N 18x9.5
          - Hankook Z214 275/35/18 (Dry Track)

          - OE Rims 16x8
          - Conti Extreme DW 225/50/16 (Street/Wet Track)

          Others - A/C delete
          - Battery Relocation to trunk
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            Purpose of the car: DD/Weekend Warrior

            Suspension - STD Standard R3
            Spring Rate - 11kg/mm and 9kg/mm (hard on the back for DD)
            Control Arms Front - AMS
            Control Arms Rear - AMS
            Bushings - subframe solid polyurethane, all remaining oem bushings replaced with energy suspension polyurethane.
            Sway Bars- Cusco Front and Rear
            Driftworks Full Hicas Delete

            Alignment - Front -1.5 degrees camber
            - +5 degrees Caster
            - Rear -2 degrees camber

            Chassis Reinforment - Cusco front strut bar.

            Brakes - OEM cross drilled rotors
            -Hawk HPS pads
            -Goodridge lines

            Traction - CCW 18x10.5
            - Yokohama Advan a048 265 35 18
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              I'm bored at work so I'm posting my setup
              Purpose of the car: Occasional track days, mainly driven on weekends and sunny days.

              Suspension - Tein HA Coil overs
              Spring Rate - Not sure
              Control Arms Front - Stock
              Control Arms Rear - Stock
              Bushings - Stock
              Alighment - Was told by previous owner the alignment was more for street so it doesn't eat tires. As far as I can tell this isn't true. My inner tire does wear faster, from what I can see. I haven't had to replace all four tires yet... It was also supposedly corner balanced, which I don't believe because the left front tire kept locking up at my last track day.

              Chassis Reinforment - Stock strut tower bars and HICAS lock out kit by Tomei
              Brakes - Stock, have Nismo R-Tune pads awaiting install.

              Notes: The way the car handled on the track was great, the original owner did a great job setting the car up, it just needs some fine tuning. I would liken it to a new GTR without the weight. Very nimble, and fun. Only problem I had was engine oil temps getting way too hot after 4 or 5 laps.


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                Suspension: TEIN N1 Coil Overs
                Spring rate: not sure
                Front: AMS Tension Rods
                AMS Upper Control Arms
                Rear: AMS Upper Control Arms
                Driftworks full hiccas delete
                Chassis Reinforcement:
                Nismo Front and Rear Strut Bars
                8-Point Custom roll cage
                AMS Aluminum Bushing Kit
                Front Toe: -0.2*
                Front Camber: -1.6*
                Front Caster: +11.8*

                Rear Toe: -0.1*
                Rear Camber: -5.1*

                Vehicle Track: 0.1


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                  Figured Id get in on this despite being a gts, but i find this interesting.

                  Purpose of car:
                  Most street, some track driving

                  Tein Type Flex (15 way dampening I believe)

                  Spring Rate:
                  Front - 6kg/mm
                  Rear - 5kg/mm

                  *no helper springs

                  Front Control Arms:
                  AMS tension rods
                  Energy/Moog endlinks
                  Whiteline Sway bar

                  Rear Control Arms:
                  AMS RUCAs
                  Energy/Moog endlinks
                  22mm solid sway bar
                  HICAS Lock bar

                  AMS solid subframe bushings

                  Front - Camber -2.0 ish
                  Caster stock
                  Toe 1/8" out
                  Rear - Camber -1.0
                  Toe 0

                  Goodridge SS brake lines
                  Wilwood DOT 4 fluid

                  Front & Rear 5zigen FN01R-C Hot version 17x9 +15 (no spacers)
                  Front tires Im undecided on, leaning towards a yokohama
                  and rear tires to match, but typically run fat junkers for the track
                  1990 HCR32
                  2006 Chev Silverado