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r33 gtst s1 problems??

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  • r33 gtst s1 problems??

    hey all, having a problem with my car. it has a "burping" issue when under boost or just casual driving. easiest way of explaining it to you is while driving, rpm's will drop and almost stall and then pick back up causing myself and passengers in the car to jolt forward in our seats and then get thrown back. making myself look like I don't know how to drive standard. I have done the fuel filter, plugs, cleaned the maf, checked for vacuum leaks and made sure timing was correct. nothing has helped a bit. occasionally when pulling up to a light or stop sign the car will stall when I put it in neutral. wondering if anyone else has had these problems and would like to share some information as to what you did to fix it. possible fuel pump or bad relay? thanks for the help