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thinking about parting out my 1991 gtst 4 door

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  • thinking about parting out my 1991 gtst 4 door

    I had an accident about a two month ago in it. I smashed the front up pretty good. I dont know if it worth fixing it. Here a link to some pics i took of the damage: Im torn between rebuild it and cutting my loses and moving on. I'm look for your opion on what i should do. thanks

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    Hey Are you still interested in parting out your car?


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      No not anymore. I decided to fix it.


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        Alright thank you and good luck fixing it, peace


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          If use a caroliner chassis alignment machine the box section on the side can be pulled back to factory specs.

          But ideally you should pull engine, remove fender and unstitch that fender area from the body / firewall and stitch a replacement onto the firewall (from a scrapped Skyline which is cheaper or new from Nissan is best).

          The neat part about a monoque chassis is it's designed to crush to absorb the energy in a crash and parts of the car designed to be replaced (stitched on).

          That's based on if the chassis rails are still straight and not bent. They seem to be ok in the photo's, but hard to tell without checking on a chassis alignment machine (could be out by 5mm or more).

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            I've decided to repair the car. Do you know where i can find the factory specs so i can get the front end back to spec? I'm having a hard time trying to find those.