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Project Nissan Stagea Turbo - Lairy Wrap... !

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  • Project Nissan Stagea Turbo - Lairy Wrap... !



    .Hi All,

    We have another little project on the go at the moment..

    The current Stagea, which we have had a couple of years is near end of life unfortunately. She has been a fighter, been on a few track days. The Chassis is now too rusty.

    Sooooo, we have a new one

    We'll transfer the performance parts over, and currently looking at a crazy printed wrap for the car too

    The 2 together..

    MOT Time

    The new Stagea is a fresh import and a very clean 125,000 kilometres example. Has service stickers over it, and all history from Japan. Zero Rust.

    Its the Turbo 2.5 litre 24 Valve 6 Cylinder Engine out of the Nissan SKyline R33 GTS-t, and a 4wd System Similar to the R33 GTR Nissan Skyline.

    Should hopefully be a fun Project over the next couple of months...

    Check back for updates, always keen to hear views

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    Hi All,

    The car passed the MOT, woo hoo...

    Over all looks to be in very good condition.

    I've never seen brakes so even on the tester !
    (Top is front brakes, middle is foot brake, bottom is the rear brakes).

    Next to get it registered and all the goodies from the other Stagea fitted...


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      Next Job...

      There was a rather 90's TV sat nav audio system screwed to the dash. I wasn't going to
      be able to look the screw marks from where it was mounted.
      Little OCD maybe, so the dash had to come out !

      Out... !

      Here are the 2 dash units together

      Might have been a bit overkill to change the dash, just for this, but I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night !!

      All back in.. You'd never know the dash had come out.

      Loads of screws and fiddling. All in all took aobut 5 hours.

      Next, we'll get the seats done. Currently the car has the standard velour seats.
      We'll change them for ones from a series 2 version. Little more sporty, the look similar to ones from an R34GTT Nissan Skyline.


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        Sad Day, the old stagea has been stripped, and off she went...

        All the tuning parts etc will go on the new Stagea !


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          Time for the brakes to be upgraded.... These Brembo brakes are from the old Stagea (but originally from an R33 GTR Nissan Skyline). The bolt straight on.

          Going from a 280mm Front to 320mm. The standard brakes on the Stagea aren't the
          best !

          These are also Brembo discs and pads, so give excellent braking !

          Next we get to fitting the Coil pacls


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            Next on the list, changing the coil packs. It wasn't that the current ones were misfiring. These new ones were only a year or so old
            from the other stagea. So just to be on the safe side...

            All in all, took just over 2 hours. 1 silly thing I didn't think about was changing the spark plugs at the same time.
            School boy error, so they'll have to come out again soon to change the plugs ! D'oh !

            More things being added to the list, will be never ending...


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              Next on the list, couple of little items..

              Nismo Oil Cap

              Brake Stopper, to improve braking feel, and stop bulkhead flex

              There were some blemishes on the dash trim

              So had to change it to a nicer one


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                Hi All, sorry for the delay... New updates

                We have been under-sealing the car... !

                I have updated the blog, have a read of all of it here

                Nissan Stagea Under seal, read it all on the Blog


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                  Hi All,

                  Sorry for the delay in updates, we've been a tad busy with Project Moff and getting the car ready. We managed to find a little bit of time to change the front seats to those from a later model series 2

                  If you would like to read the full blog, please go to our Nissan Stagea blog page

                  Next, we are looking to change the brakes to the Brembos from an R33 GTR !

                  Stay tuned


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                    Hi All,

                    Sorry for the delay, finally updated the Blog with the Brembo brake upgrade

                    Read the Stagea Brembo Brake upgrade blog for the full story !



                    A great upgrade

                    Read the Stagea Brembo Brake upgrade blog for the full story !


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                      It looks great!