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600 BHP - R33 GTS-t - Project Moff

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  • 600 BHP - R33 GTS-t - Project Moff


    Hiya All,

    I thought it about time I did a build thread for my car.

    Its an R33 GTS-t Spec 2... I transplanted an RB26 R32 GTR Engine in, added a Garret 4094R Turbo. the car has a huge spec list, with plenty of updates to come...

    Lots more to come, but for now, here is a piccy...

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    Hiya All,

    There has been a bit of a delay with the updates coming, so lots to catch up on, as plenty of work has been happening,
    so keep an eye out for updates coming over the next few days and weeks...

    Firstly, the boot floor was cut out, to make way for a new rear diffuser...

    Read full updates


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      Time to Trial fit new rear arches ready for 11J Rims on the back...

      More info here ....


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        I like this, a lot


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          Updated spec list ..

          •RB26 Red painted engine (from an R32 GTR)
          •Garret 4094R Turbo (Oil and Water Cooled)
          •HKS F Con Pro Gold Ecu (version 3.2)
          •Wossner Pistons
          •PEC Rods
          •ACL Race Bearings
          •Stage 1 Abbey Motorsport modified Head
          •HKS Camshaft 264 Duration - 10.0mm Lift - Inlet
          •HKS Camshafts 272 Duration -10.2mm Lift - Exhaust.
          •Balanced Crank, flywheel, front pulley
          •Top Mount Manifold
          •Denso 720cc injectors
          •HKS Oil pump
          •N1 Water Pump
          •HKS Gaskets and seals
          •HKS Triple plate clutch
          •Greddy External wastegate
          •Trust 100mm FMIC
          •Mocal 34 Row Oil Cooler
          •50mm Japspeed Radiator
          •Nismo Fuel Pump
          •Splitfire Coil Packs
          •Rips modified GTR sump, with diff removed, welded, extended and baffled
          •Cold start system removed
          •Cabin heating systems removed from engine
          •Tomei Fuel Rail
          •R34 GTR Engine Loom
          •Greddy EGT Gauge
          •Greddy Profec B Boost controller
          •HKS Hard Pipe Kit
          •HKS Induction Kit
          •Air Con Removed
          •Carbon Canistor Removed
          •RB25DET Gearbox
          •Front & Rear Strut brace

          •Japspeed De-Cat
          •Japspeed Turbo Elbow
          •V-Band 80mm Downpipe
          •Japspeed spec 1 cat back exhaust

          •Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil
          •Silkolene Diff Oil
          •Nismo Pro S 1.5 Way Rear Diff with extended cooling fins
          •HKS Triple plate Clutch

          •Front & Rear Strut brace
          •Driftworks Rear Camber and Caster Arms
          •Cusco Front Camber Arms
          •Polished Stainless Hicas Lock Bar
          •Driftworks Front Tie Rods
          •Tein Track Rod Ends
          •Tein Track Rods
          •Poly Subframe Bushes
          •Driftworks Rear Traction Arms
          •Ohlin Coilovers (Rebuilt to full track spec)

          •Full Respray (coming soon)
          •Nismo Bodykit
          •Custom front Splitter
          •Carbon Nismo 'B' Pillars
          •Custom made Carbon Kevlar bonnet
          •Custom Carbon Kevlar wider front wings
          •Carbon Rear Boot
          •Carbon Rear adjustable Spolier
          •Custom Sand Blasted, etched and powder Coated front and rear subframes
          •Dual HID's 600k 55w. Main and Dipped Beam

          •Tinted Windows
          •Corbeau Evolution Carbon Kevlar Drivers Seat
          •Aftermarket Racing Steering Wheel
          •Apexi Dual Turbo timer
          •Greddy Profec B2 Boost Controller
          •Stripped Interior
          •HKS Boost Guage
          •2 x 3" 4 Point EJS Racing Harnesses
          •Andy Robinson FIA Approved 7 point Roll Cage with Door Bars
          •Greddy 60mm EGT Gauge
          •Greddy 60mm Oil temp Guage
          •Greddy 60mm Oil pressure Guage
          •Stack Water Temp Gauge
          •Carbon Door Cards

          •Nismo Steel Brake lines
          •Stoptech 355mm Front and Rear Discs with Aluminium Hubs
          •Stoptech 6 Pot Front Calipers
          •Stoptech 4 Pot Rear Calipers
          •DS3000 Pads
          •Custom Moff made brake stopper
          •RBF600 Racing Brake Fluid

          Wheels & Tyres
          •18 x 11J Rota MXR Rear
          •18 x 10J Rota MXR Front
          •Toyo 888's 315/30/18 Rear
          •Toyo 888's 265/35/18 Fronts


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            very nice, wish my car are half as good as this, LOL


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              After we were happy with the mock up of the new rear wider arches, its was time to make a start with fitting...

              Out came the Angle grinder

              This is the car lowered back to the floor, as you can see we have plenty of room. This is an 11J rear wheel

              The next step will be to make up a lip for the new rear arch to sit on, as well as to join the 2 skins back together...

              Full details can be read on the site of course...

              Lots more to come...


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                Now that we had cut the arches out to allow for more room, we had to weld the 2 skins back together.

                This would do a number of things :

                Put strength back into the arches
                Stop water getting back up into the arches and rusting
                Give us a mounting point for the new arches

                We started by tacking pices of metal in place.

                More info on the blog... Project Moff Blog

                Loads more to come...


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                  some good Progress

                  New rear arches are on .. The Wheels on the back, don't forget are 11J Wide !!!

                  Next the caris of To Abbey Motorsport to go on their Dyna Pack Dyno, some suspension work, and Race Prep

                  More info on the blog...


                  Things are now really starting to hot up...


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                    Here are some photos of the new rear arches. Believe it or not, we actually sprayed the rear arches using nothing more than black spray cans... This is only temporary until the car goes in for a respray.

                    The wheels on the car are spare wheels until the race wheels are fitted..

                    The Car is now off to Abbey Motorsport,who will be putting the car on their Dynapack Dyno, setting up the Suspension and some other Race prep..

                    More details on the blog..


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                      Project Moff is now at

                      After a quick look over the car, they noticed the exhaust manifold is cracked
                      and urgently need of repair. Its going to be removed and hopefully welded up.

                      They are extremely busy, but have managed to find the time for this
                      additional work, great stuff...

                      More updates soon....


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                        The car is very nearly all set to go on the Dyno in the next day or 2 for a
                        tweak at Abbey Motorsport on their Dynapack Dyno.

                        Looking forward to seeing what the car produces...

                        Should start with a 5 in the BHP figure..


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                          Wow, huge thank sto the guys at Abbey Motorsport...

                          Project Moff managed 605 BHP at the hubs, which is more power than before, and at less boooooost...

                          Great results, dyno charts to follow...

                          RWD only, this is going to be fun... !!!!


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                            Here are the dyno results...

                            The previous time Mark @ Abbey Motorsport had the car on the Dyno, at 1.5 Bar, the car was producing 594 BHP ATH.
                            We the changes and improvements we made, he managed to bring the boost in a little earlier, and at 1.4 Bar,
                            we now have 605 BHP ATH, and what should be a more driveable car too...

                            Here is the Dyno Graph

                            For the other dyno sheets, and a comparison of the last ones, for you real geeks, please see :



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                              Ok, we have been a bit busy !

                              Car is now back from

                              Lots has been done, read the full update on the blog, linky below...


                              Time to load up and get to Snetterton next, where the drivers view will be like this (well, it will have a steering wheel)