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Karem's R32 GTST Type M Ultimate Street Car Build!

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  • Karem's R32 GTST Type M Ultimate Street Car Build!

    I've owned my car for about a year. Its a mainly stock 1991 R32 GTST with is RB20DET heart.

    When I first bought the car, It was rust ridden, Had a broken turbo, and leaked oil.

    A year later I've gotten rid of the rust, I've swapped on an RB25 tubo. But it still leaks oil.

    So I'm starting this tread to start documenting my progress from here on in. I have no idea where to got with the build.
    To stay RB20? or go RB25? Repaint the car my self? or Just keep its rather rough appearance?

    My ultimate goal is to create my definition of the ultimate street car. Something quick, handles great, comfy, and reliable.

    What I have on the car thus far:

    RB25 Turbo
    Front mount intercooler
    Yellow Jackets coil packs
    TurboSmart blow off valve
    TurboSmart manual boost controller (set to 13 psi)

    Blitz 01 wheels 17x8 with +38 and +35 on mismatched corners..
    Federal 595 Tires

    Top speed coil overs

    Momo steering wheel
    Pro sport boost guage
    Razo turbo timer (not working)
    R33 GTR seats
    Tomie shift knob
    Razo pedals

    Known issues:
    Bumper is cracked and broken
    Hood is very badly chipped
    General paint quality on the car is very bad
    Engine leaks oil from front main seal or oil pump gasket (TBD)
    Steering wrack leaks fluid and its boots are ripped
    Passenger side headlight is cracked with a hole in it.
    Indicator light clips are broken
    Interior trim is all cracked and broken
    Steering seems shaky and twitchy when driving at high speed
    No horn..... (This one to me for some reason annoys me the most)
    Brakes fade very quickly
    Passenger side window is stuck and won't roll up or down.
    There is a substantial dent in the driver side door

    I plan on fixing these issues as well as modifying the car to try and reach my goal of the ultimate street car. Enjoy the ride!

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    I've never heard of a bad window motor so i would start by cleaning the contacts in the passenger side switch if I was you.

    My passenger side window won't roll up or down too. I figured out it was a bad ground caused by the last owner who messed up all the wiring of the car. Best way to check it is with a multimeter and someone to help you activating the switches