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high beam / low beam lighting issue

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  • high beam / low beam lighting issue

    Hi I own a 91 R32 GTST. I hope you guys don't mind my layout I just figured it would make it easier for people to read.
    Current issue:
    High beams stuck on when low beam is selected only

    Left low beam does not come one, right does
    Switched both bulbs to see if anything changes and it does not
    Tested voltage on left side, positive wire for low beam is indicating no voltage at all

    Does the R32 have a fail safe, in which being, that the high beams will come on if both low beams aren't producing some kind of electrical circuit?

    I know the indicator stalk can be broken or needs to be cleaned at the connectors, haven't checked it yet.
    I will need my high beams to be functional so by passing them just to have my low beams working is not an option.
    Instead of finding the fault in the wire I am considering cutting it just a bit after the connector and putting in a new wire all the way to the fuse box or some kind of switch