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R34 rb20de neo to rb25det neo swap

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  • R34 rb20de neo to rb25det neo swap

    Been a while since last posting, got away from cars for a while. Got the bug again and am just about to pull the trigger on an R34 sedan. The one I'm looking at bringing over has a manual RB20de neo. Will be planing on doing RB25det neo swap. Done a few swaps rb into s13 so pretty decent swap knowledge. Anyone one done the swap or know the differences? Few questions?
    1) Will r33 gtst or even r34 gtt brakes bolt right on?
    2) Heard you need the rb25 cross member and mounts?
    3) Also head they have different rear coils (the models that came factory rb20de are different than the rb25 model)
    4) also any major/ minor differences
    Tried to do some searching but can't much info just people saying don't waist your time. Getting a hell of a deal on the car, it's super clean and don't mind putting in the wrench time. Thanks in advance, can't wait to get back behind the wheel of a skyline.