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R34 gtt rb26 awd gtr swap?

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  • R34 gtt rb26 awd gtr swap?

    I did a search and found surprisingly little other than this is very difficult or not worth it. But when I break it all down I don't see how it's so hard.

    GTT rb26 swaps are not uncommon and r34 trans into r32 33 is not uncommon either. Seem like starting with a donor r32 33 gtr parts into r34 should be just as possible or am I missing something?

    What I know I'll need for major components.
    Rb26 Engine
    R33 transmision or r32 with 33 transfer case (speed sensor)
    R34 awd sub frame, LCA, spindles and axles
    Attesa pump on rear differential
    Wiring and g sensors

    Probably need
    R32 33 rear diff or r34 front (differnt gear ratios)
    R32 33 driveshaft
    Random hardware, tubing, wires, hoses etc etc

    For wiring it should be just a matter or doing an rb26 swap like any other online then adding the attesa wiring and g sensors for the transmission. I amagine this will be the most challenging part of the swap.

    I have an r32 gtr engine trans and complete uncut body/engine wiring harness with all sensors. I keep thinking there's got to be something I'm missing or this would be a more common conversion.

    Has anyone else done this swap or similar.

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    The Differences are:
    - IACV will be different
    - TPS plug will be different
    - RB25neo has intake vvt while RB26 has none,
    - You will need to wire power, ground and signal for the additional MAF on RB26
    - R32 and R34 ignition coils are slightly different (R32 is ign module driven where R34 have integrated module in each coil) not sure if the R32 ECU can run R34 coils (may require wiring spark signal directly from ECU to each coil similar to LS2 conversion).
    - You should use your harmonic balancer from the R34 on the RB26 as the # of belt ribs and offset is different.

    CAS sensor is a major issue, they are completely different R32 to R34. You can get around this by installing your R34 RB25neo exhaust cam & sensor in your RB26 head, as the "cam key" on the exh cams are different. You will actually get a slight increase in lift with the neo cam in rb26 head, but the base valve timing on the neo cam will need to be retarded approx. ~10 deg, so you will need an adjustable cam gear. Rotate the motor by hand on assembly slowly as to be sure valve clearance exists.

    The swap is not impossible, there will just be a lot of nit picky details after its bolted in. You have options as far as how you want to assemble the combo. If it was me I would probably run the 25neo as is with the GTR oil pan/diff/trans/sub frame stuff to get the awd. The difference is really just 2mm extra crank throw and slightly larger valves.

    25noe has several advantages over r32 rb26;
    - Intake cam VVT
    - Identical rods
    - Near Identical pistons (same alloy, RB25 compression height is 31mm, while rb26 comp heights is 30mm due to extra stroke)
    - Parts are cheaper due to large aftermarket and flange similarity to rb20 and single turbo over twin

    Nissan cam specs:
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      Oh man that made my head spin and gave me a whole lot more to research than I expected. Thank you very much for that reply.

      Other differences I've found are the frame rails on gtt and lack the recess for the front cv shafts. I found one awd conversion that used 4mm spacers under the subframe but still looked way to close to the cv's when suspension is compressed. Tunnel also does not have the hump for the transfer case. These are easily rectified for anyone experienced with welding and bodywork.

      I'd be curious if a pfc would help overcome the differences with r32 rb26 install and which to use (r34 or r32 ecu) I've never delt with pfc yet but I'm about to install one in my FD so that may shed some light on their capabilities.

      Seems like it would be much easier to sell the r32 setup and purchase the correct r34 parts aside from having to source all the electrical nick nacks that would put this out of reach for my budget.

      Well I think I'm going to purchase the 34 ive been thinking about. I know r32 engines have been installed but I like your suggestion of converting to awd rb25, work out the bugs then swap to rb26 later if I desire to.