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Repeat ignitor failure

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  • Repeat ignitor failure

    A few months ago i fried my ecu from wire rubbing on the inner right fender. Since then ive done headers, GM-4 tubo, fmic, ffp, and other goodies. Anyways, I've trying to get it running again which ive managed to do. first in 4 or 2 cylinders then no spark at all. I replaced the ignotor with one that worked. it ran on all 6 great, but after starting it a few times it stated to lose cylinders. So once again my ignitor is pooched. I have 2 good eom coils and 4 "napol" coils (im pretty sure theyre knock off as theyre not the same colours as on the napol site. (Ordered from tyeeimports on amazon))

    I think its the coils that are causing it to fry.

    Does anyone know what could really be going on?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Each coil has a three pin connector:

    - 12v power
    - 5v ECU firing/timing signal
    - Ground

    The coil accumulates energy from the 12v power source until the 5v power is cut, at which point it discharges to the spark plug.

    If your coils are not discharging properly or strongly I'd suspect the coils themselves (find resistance testing procedure online) or an issue with the 12v power wire/coil harness.

    The igniter typical works fine or doesn't at all. It simply takes the firing signal from ecu and relays it to the coil. It does not affect timing or signal strength.

    In your situation I would recommend swapping to GM/Chevy LS coils which are stronger sparking and have 4 pin connectors that will allow you to wire the ecu firing signal directly to each coil and eliminate the Nissan igniter module all together.


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      The car came with a poorly done ls setup so i redid it. There were cut wires in my fender which caused coils and my ecu to blow. I fixed it all up and got a wiring specialties ignition harness, used oem chip and (recently discovered) knock off napol coils. If my other wiring job was wrong I feel as though I'd be blowing more than just a chip.

      That's why I suspect the coils. I'm thinking of going yellow jackets chip and coils or r8 conversion.

      I'll try testing the coils and see if that gives me any more foresite.


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        Also, I had the car running on all 6, and when I tried starting after that it ran on fewer and fewer probably blowing individual transistors as I did that, until there was no spark.


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          I'd strongly suspect something is wrong in your wiring. Unsure why the original LS conversion would be using wires from under fender when everything you need is available right off the stock coil harness (from memory, 6 wire input side of igniter module and the thick white 12v wire and black ground wires from two pin connector). I'd swap in some cheap oem known working coils if you want to risk blowing another igniter or set of coils.


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            I discovered the issue, luckily wiring wasnt the problem. I tested the 4 shitty napol coils and 2 oem I had the car running on. The Napols were all reading bad resistance and the oem were fine.

            I ended cutting my losses as i had an unnecessary amount into that old system and got the audi conversion from Boost Factory.

            The car almost started itself they worked so good, after putting them in. Which is a huge relief after it being down since June with no clue why.