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    Company Name:

    Location: Toronto, Canada


    Contact Info: Mitch
    153 Norfinch Drive Unit 3
    North York, ON 416-650-6450

    Specialty: Skyline GT-R's

    JDM-IMPORTS have been importing only the best Skyline GT-R's available. We are dedicated to quality and customer service. Our company is a registered importer of vehicles into Canada. In addition to cars, we sell JDM parts courtesy of JDMSPEEDSHOP and offer GT-R tuning and repair services.

    JDM-IMPORTS is an authorized CDN Distributor: RS*R, Rotora, MTEC, SEIBON, BRIDE, Kaminari Aerodynamics, JP CO.LTD, JIC Magic, Volks & Gramlights wheels, Lexion, Muteki

    - Toronto, Canada
    Parts. Cars. Service.


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      Company name: WorldCarLink (Exporter) Allen Petersen auto broker

      Location: Nagoya Japan, Lethbridge Alberta


      Contact info:
      Japan cell: +81-90-3589-2668
      Canada Cell: (403) 393-2341
      Japan Skype: wcljp1
      Canada Skype: jdms13rhd
      Canada e-mail:
      Japan e-mail:

      Specialty:We have been exporting used cars and parts out of Japan for over 10 years. Mostly the Australian market and for the past 4 years have been customizing specific built cars for the Canadian market. We are also a supplier for RB30's and drive them ourselves. We like to separate the boys from the men. Ask us about what we can build for you. We also wholesale container loading at our Nagoya yard and export parts containers/crates to Canada and all around the world.
      Number (604) 961-2449
      4XTOYS/ Lower Mainland Skyline Service and aftermarket RB parts.
      RB30`s for sale!


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        Company Name: AUTOSHOP CANNONBALL
        Address: 389 Brunette Ave.
        New Westminster, BC V3L 3E7
        Website: heep://
        Contact Info:Tel: 604-522-6887 Fax: 604-522-6897 e-mail:
        Specialty (if applicable): Tomei / M-Sports / j-Blood / BN-Sports
        Quick Introduction/Comment: Here at Cannonball your satisfaction is important to us. So we would like to inform you that all vehicles are inspected and serviced by top experienced and licensed mechanics.


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          Company Name: Vega Imports
          Location: Cache Creek , BC / Guatemala city, Guatemala
          Contact Info: Tel : 604-314-5406
          E-mail :
          Quick Introduction/Comment : High quality vehicles at the lowest price.


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            Company name: JNS Imports Inc.
            Location: Lethbridge Alberta Canada
            Contact info: 403-360-6223 2: 403-320-7431
            E-mail: 2: info / sales

            Quick Introduction/Comment: We Import top quality cars and parts for the lowest prices. We also offer importation of cars from Italy and the U.S. We are one of Canada oldest japanese importer originating in 2002. Please contact myself for your import needs.
            2009 Mercedes C63 AMG. Daily
            1969 Cooper S. Restored
            1994 Rover Mini 1460cc, 134whp, 7 port fuel injected w/ITB's, & straight cuts w/ 4.67 gearing


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              Company Name:Minibrutes
              Location:Saskatoon, Sk
              Contact or 249-9013
              Specialty (if applicable): Anything JDM! If you do have a question and i do not know it, i will find out.
              Quick Introduction/Comment (if you please): I got hired at minibrutes to do Special orders, i have a huge passion for the company, and the buisness. The owner of minibrutes brought in my gtr for me and i liked it so much i got a job here! If your looking for a car in Japan give me an email or call the shop, i am more than happy to help.
              Skyline GTR-Most fun you can have in 4.7 seconds!


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                Jdm Imports Japan

                Company Name:JDM IMPORTS JAPAN
                Location:Osaka, Japan
                Contact or +81-090-4492-3283
                Specialty (if applicable): Anything JDM! We carry some stock vehicles that have been serviced and maintained and brought up to a very high quality.
                We also work off of customers budgets to find them a vehicle that is within their budget so there are no surprises as to how much they are spending.

                Quick Introduction/Comment (if you please): I`m originally from New Westminster, BC and was importing vehicles for customers. As the quality of vehicles coming from Japan was at times not what was expected, I decided to move my business to Osaka, Japan and become an exporter who would be able to supply just what the customer wanted.
                Clent Gates


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                  RightDrive Inc

                  Company Name: RightDrive Inc.
                  Location: Toronto, Ontario
                  Contact Info:
                  Tel: (647)-430-3232

                  Quick Introduction/Comment : Ontario based Importer. We specialize in bringing in only the highest qaulity JDM vehicles. Our operations are 100% turn key and inlcude certification, e-test, and even a 1 year powertrain warranty.


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                    Hello everyone. My name is Yasu from Japan.
                    I would like to introduce about my company.
                    Company Name: BEACH BOYS Co.,Ltd
                    Location: 402-2-10, Urata, Izumi, Osaka, 594-1103, Japan
                    Contact Info:
                    Specialty : Our specialty is Japanese drift machines
                    Quick Introduction/Comment : Thank you for your reading about our company which exports Japanese used cars and Carparts from Japan.
                    We have Auto auction menbership all over the Japan. ( we are participating in 88 Auto auction places) so if you want to find any Japanese used vehicles, We may be able to find it in Japan.
                    So if you are interested about us, please feel free to ask away I will be happy to help any way I can.
                    By the way I will be participating some drifting competition inside Japan.

                    Looking forward to doing business with you soon.
                    Best regards
                    BEACH BOYS Co.,Ltd