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Pricing Concerns (Exchange Rates)

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  • Pricing Concerns (Exchange Rates)

    Okay, just to make sure that everyone is using the SAME EXCHANGE RATES for their pricing... please use the following link to get your JPY - CAD conversions:

    Use the CASH RATE (You don't usually get nominal rate unless you are exchanging a large amount of money).

    For vehicle pricing, or anything coming from Japan please post the original price in JPY AS WELL AS CAD, Either myself or another moderator will double check the exchange with the Bank of Canada's website.

    This is just to eliminate any discrepancies in pricing due to people using different recourses to exchange from JPY -> CAD. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but I have seen many cases (on various forums) where someone will do something like this: "Price: 200,000 ($2300 CAD)" Where the price should be roughly $2,058 CAD.

    I am not saying people do this INTENTIONALLY, it is just that some websites use different rate (some use cash, some use nominal, etc.. etc..) so it's best that we all get our exchange rates from the same place right? Even if the rate is wrong, at least we are all on the same page. :P

    If anyone finds this unreasonable please PM me.


    EDIT: I also thought I would add that the exchange rate fluctuates quite a bit. So if someone is selling a part or a car, the price in CAD is only there as a GUIDELINE and you could end up paying more, or less for the part. ALWAYS USE THE PRICE IN YEN TO DETERMINE HOW MUCH THE PART WILL COST ON THE DAY YOU PLAN ON PAYING FOR IT. (You can't expect the person who made the for sale post to update the price every day - or whenever the exchange rate fluctuates)

    Tie rod ends can cost 100 bucks today, and 90 tomorrow, and 105 the next day. Think about how much the exchange rate effects the price of a $20,000 dollar vehicle?

    So just keep in mind that the price someone provides in CAD can be correct one day, and be a bit off the next day. If it is an old post, chances are you will be paying quite a different amount than what is listed in the ad.
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