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  • RightDrive Portal System

    The following is a heads up on our portal system:

    If you have a particular vehicle in mind for purchase, stop by our offices or contact a member of our team to let us know what it is that your after.

    With our portal system, we allow the customer to give us specific details as to what their dream car entails.

    With a deposit, we will send RightDrive hits to live auctions, that meet you specifications, every 24-48 hours.

    Once a vehicle is decided upon, our employees in Japan will head to the auction house to give the vehicle an inspection. They report back to us with details on the vehicles that may otherwise go un-noticed by simply viewing auction photos and details.

    All the vehicles we consider are greenlit auction vehicles, meaning they have been pre-inspected before hitting auction.

    If a successful bid is made and we win the vehicle in question, we proceed to have it delivered to our shop in Japan for a second, more thorough inspection. If it meets our high expectations, the vehicle proceeds to loading to be shipped over to Canada.

    All vehicles are insured and carefully packaged for transfer from Japan to Canada.

    We will send portal hits for as long as it takes in order to find your perfect rhd.
    All this leads to the highest qaulity Japanese vehicles in Canada, bar none.

    As always, we supply maintenace history's for our vehicles as well as a one year powertrain warranty from Ensurall, e-test, safety, plates, stickers, and all HTA required modifications.


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    If your interested in starting up a portal, we have now made it easier and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

    Check it out.


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      May I add that this is how I got my car. It's a great, low risk, and very effective method getting things that you want down to the details. I'd highly recommend this route if you aren't planning on importing a car all by yourself


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        I bought my Supra this way back when I was just a client.

        Very detailed, lots of updates from the man Mike, and we have a vast network in Japan.

        All cars are inspected in Japan prior to auction by our guy Dan and his team over in JDM land.