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RightDrive's powertrain warranty explained - new provider, new warranty!

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  • RightDrive's powertrain warranty explained - new provider, new warranty!

    We have partnered with a new company called Lubrico to offer our customers more peace of mind.

    Our new powertrain coverage is still one year standard with every vehicle and covers engine, transmission, differential, transfer case, turbo/superchargers as well as roadside assistance and towing. Repairs can be brought in to any licenced shop across Canada. Coverage is 12,000 kms for the year and carries $600 per claim.

    The biggest change is to our 3 year powertrain protection offering. At a slight additional cost, the 3 year protection covers you for 40,000 km's and carries a $3500 limit per claim. This also covers things like electrical, air condition, brakes, suspension, seals and gaskets, steering, fuel injection components and more. This coverage is very in depth.

    engine block, cylinder head(s), crankshaft and main bearings, crankshaft gears, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, camshaft gears, push rods, pistons, rings and pins, timing chain(s) or belt(s) and gears, timing chain/belt cover, timing chain.belt tensioner and guides, intake and exhaust manifolds, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs and retainers, valve covers, valve guides, valve lifters, rocker arms, harmonic balancer and pulley, engine mounts, engine torque struts, shafts and pivots, oil pressure sending unit and temperature sending unit, oil pump and shaft, oil pan, dipstick and tube.

    Automatic: housing, torque converters, valve body, gear sets, main and intermediate shafts, clutches and bands, vaccuum modulator, flex plate, flywheel, rign gear, governor and transmission mounts, oil pan and oil pump.

    Standard: housing and gear sets, main and intermediate shafts, sychrnizer rings, shifter fork and bearings. (exlcuded: clutch, pressure plate, clutch bearings, external linkages and shifter)

    Differential (rwd):
    housing, cover and mounts, carrier gear and case, drive pinion, pinion gear and ring gear.

    4WD/AWD transfer case:
    case, gears, sprockets and chains.

    housing, waste gate controller, intercooler and hard lines.

    housing, compressor, clutch and pulley, bypass valve, intercooler and ducting.

    Don't forget, we also supply e-test, safety, HTA modifications, plates, and stickers all included in our vehicle asking prices. Walkin with your insurance and drive off with your new car. A no hassle operation.


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    Time for an update.
    There have been some raised eyebrows on the net lately about our warranty. People don't seem to want to beleive in it.

    Well, im here to tell you otherwsie. We have not had a single claim that has not been honored yet. The warranty has a $100 deductable. With that said, small things are of no value. Where the real peice of mind comes from is through large items like transmission, engine, internal components, differentials, etc. These items, as some of us know, can cost a small fortune.

    Now another questionI recently got was what about modified parts and cars. The Silvia race car for example. What if the tranny went?

    Modified parts are not covered under the warranty but if a vehicle with modifications requires a claim, we can still make one under a good faith scenario. For instance, a GTR we sell has an intake and an exhaust and starts grinding gears halfway into the clients ownership - clearly a claim situation that the intake and exhaust have nothing to do with. The transmission is still covered even though its a modified car. Another scenario would be a Silvia with aftermarket cams loses a lifter - again claimable however if there is damage to the camshaft, it will be replaced only with a stock bit. Something like a $10K Sequential transmission would not be covered at all - should it go, a stock replacement would be all that is covered.


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