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Fs: R32 R33 R34 Feast Auto Hicas Lock Bars

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  • Fs: R32 R33 R34 Feast Auto Hicas Lock Bars

    Received more of these, looking to sell quick at a great price. Well made bars, heavy duty mounting tabs on them as you can tell.

    For R32 Type (HCR32, HR32, HNR32, BNR32)
    125 CAD delivered

    For R33 / R34 Type (ECR33, ER33, ENR33, BCNR33, ER34, ENR34, HR34, BNR34)
    145 CAD delivered

    Reasoning behind the price difference is based on shipping cost, the later weigh more & not some sort of R34 tax lol.

    PM or email if you want to grab on!

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    I'm interested in dying this later down the road. Nice product

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      is this all needed to completely lockout the hick system? and error codes issues? also i know you have a thread for parts inquiry but I'm going to be lazy and ask you here if you have the greddy spec LS intercooler kit for the er34? or any other intercoolers for 350-400 hp
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