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Got idle problems ? Look here, complete DIY!

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  • Got idle problems ? Look here, complete DIY!

    Thanks to the guys @ skylinesaustralia for this awesome DIY for cleaning out the AAC valve and solenoid, and also how to reset tps and idle.

    We should sticky this, as lots of people seem to have idle problems...

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    Thanks! Great find!
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      Yes just be careful with the aac gasket, if you break it you might as well park your car cuz you won't want to do anything other than idle with the sensor off or missing the gasket.

      While you're messing around in that area I recommend replacing the little hose (I think it's a 3 or 4mm hose) that goes from the back of the plenum into the little metal tube nearby the block (Fuel damper). This will help sort out idle issues related to electrical current instability (I had this problem on my car, new hose fixed it).


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        Great DIY even though it was for an R33 and many people on this forum drive R32's. Cleaning the AAC and my MAF totally fixed both my idle hunting issues AND my hesitation
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