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DIY:easy $15 Daytime running lights (R33 gtst)

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  • DIY:easy $15 Daytime running lights (R33 gtst)

    first do this at your own risk!
    18 gage wire appox 6-7 ft
    inline fuse
    15amp fuse for inline
    electrical tape
    (butt splice connectors)

    1. locate your parking light plug (under the hood back of the light)
    at the back there should be 2 wires
    1 - black (live) and 1- red or yellow (mines red i have s1)
    i loosened my windshield washer res for better access

    2. rig up your inline fuse and 18 gage wire

    3. find your hole in firewall driver side behind strutt tower
    (other wires with go here there will be a big rubber gromit)

    4. feed through your wire becareful it doesnt straight down or it comes out at the tire
    ( it will feed throught to behind the accelerator/fuse box area) you may see it you may need to dig)

    5.go back to your light and cut back the rubber sleeve
    (if theres water cut it back far enought so water doesn't reck it)

    6. shave off some rubber from the red parking light wire and wrap the exposed wire from your inline fuse to this red parking light and tape or t or whatever it off

    7.cigarette lighter fuse is 4th from bottom right hand side in fuse box
    wrap one side of a prong and stick back in your fuse box

    8.stand back and look like you knew what you were doing the whole time

    will post pics later

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    thats simliar to what i did on my r32, i just pulled the headlight switch out... found out what 2 wires operated my left and right headlight (they both have a seperate wire at the switch) , tapped a wire into both of the headlight wires and then 2 feet of wire down to my fuse panel with a spade connector. Got me thru inspection and now i just unplugged it and left it hanging in the fuse panel incase i ever need to "plug my DTRL back in" lol
    1992 Dark Blue Pearl Skyline GTR - 457 rwhp, 404 tq @ 19 psi , chevron 94.
    1991 Gunmetal GTS4 - SOLD

    Originally posted by dah_hunter
    i wait till the lights yellow.. or i lean far and go.. thats what BOOOOST if for..


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      nice so i guess you got it working mtype!


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        yea but it was useless under the steering column
        no room and too much going on
        i have a gauge and controller already going through the firewall
        so it followed them nicely
        if you can do it under dash or column easily do it
        but once i knew the wheres and whats it was easy

        and a module is no safer
        mine techincally has two fuses so no damage to anything just a popped fuse
        i saved $30 off the canadian tire aftermarket module
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