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How-To: R32 Skyline LED Guage Cluster Conversion (Pics)

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  • How-To: R32 Skyline LED Guage Cluster Conversion (Pics)

    I figured I would start a seperate thread for this for the article itself, as that way those who do it can post their results here, and also those with any questions about it can post in here as well.

    Mods: If this isn't the right section please feel free to move this to the appropriate section.

    I just made a seperate page for the DIY that way you can print it off for handy reference if you choose to do it.

    Thanks to 604R32 for providing some of the pics used (rear cluster and rear surround pics) as I didnt' take any as I was doing this and he already had some from his FS thread Thanks bud!

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      Couldn't you just install all of the bulbs at the same time and check once for the bulbs that don't work, instead of having to do it five times over?

      Also, are the center console bulbs the same size (the ones in the three guage cluster)?
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        Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in the article when I explain that part. What I meant to say was plug the 3 connectors in the back and keeping putting 1 bulb in at a time. There' enough room that you can keep the 3 connectors plugged in and keep popping bulbs in the back, so you don't have to actually undo the cluster everytime you put a bulb in.

        REgarding the centre console guages, I don't actually know since I dont' have a GT-R. Perhaps someone with a GT-R could pop it out and tell us what bulb size they are (194 or 74) or maybe even another size.


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          Very very nice. Thank you for sharing. I have always been wanting to do the LED conversion and have seen the Japanese to change all the interior light sources. That's was very impressive.

          Anyway, great job, well done. 8) --- time the put the sun glasses so bright :wink:
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            Awesome work. Mango did as well with gauges and it looks awesome. Gonna have to do it too one of these days, time to add to the list....
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              Thanks mcnab! Definitely something anyone can do, if they have the will. It's not something that requires a lot of skill. Thanks for the great How To!
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                Is there any way you could post up a How-To for the HKS boost gauge led bulb replacement?


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                  wow awesome!
                  Just drive it.


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                    I love DIYs. Thanks another informative post! (re: detailing)

                    no worries regarding the pics, I'll help out the GTRC community anyway I can.


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                      You rock dude thx so much for all that

                      How come u didnt go for the 4 bulb LEDS?


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                        I've used both the single LED's and the "4 LEDs" in several vehicles and I've found the single LED's to work better actually. You'll notice the ones I used have conical indent in them, this spreads the light out wider and it also comes out the sides as well. They spread the light out VERY well and the there's not one noticable hotspot in my conversion, that's why I opt'd for those.

                        Regarding the HKS Boost Guage replacement, I'll see if I can come up with a guide for those in a week or so. I'll just have to find a camera with macro mode so I can shoot the tiny little parts that you have to take off.


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                          Originally posted by mcnab
                          Regarding the HKS Boost Guage replacement, I'll see if I can come up with a guide for those in a week or so. I'll just have to find a camera with macro mode so I can shoot the tiny little parts that you have to take off.
                          Fantastic, I look forward to that.


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                            This is great! Moving to FAQ. Thanks for your hard work!

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                              Who ever else is thinking of doing this, let me know and ill throw in some bucks to bring up to minimum order. Ill need 9 of them.

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