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    Whats a facebook


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      Originally posted by dah_hunter View Post
      Old guys... Making forums great again..
      Bahahaha!!! That is freaking awesome. Don't do FB either and from what I hear it is a real SH1T SHOW anyway. I come on here from time to time even though my Sky is long gone but I am still in the turbo small engine game with a twin turbo 4.8L GM LS project. Tuning is tuning and it is a real art with a stock 9.5 to 1 engine swallowing 20 psi of boost on 91 octane. Miss the old girl though, might do an R34 before they get to out of control.

      Why don't you come over to MySpace and Twitter my Yahoo untill I Google all over your Facebook.

      1990 GTR Drag Special T88H34D 11.24 @ 127.55mph at only 1.2bar...... officially. SOLD


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        Still rockin' the GTR. Out to a track day tomorrow with two of my sons. Should be a great time!
        Sad to see declining activity on the forum as it's easily the best way to share info etc...

        9.5:1 at 20 psi on pump gas sounds edgy. I run a 4.4L twin turbo V8 on anther car, but not at 20 psi. Jon, yours must be a monster!
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