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    Originally posted by BrooklinsFinest View Post
    "Next time you get pulled over by the police try to not be such a smart ass".
    I canz take this corner at 195k cause i gots AWDZ. Get real.


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      almost 1yr owning my r32, and haven't got pulled over yet! Even tho i tend to drive slower in my skyline vs my diesel jetta... figure that out.


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        I had a gunmetal GTR for a year, never got pulled over. Had my bayside gts for 2 and have been pulled over dozens of times... AND I ripped around in the GTR, it was sooooo much faster.

        me think colour matters


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          Hell, I got clipped doing 87 in a 50km/h zone in my GTR and got a warning. Age, attitude and humility counts for alot.

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            Originally posted by Dragon Humper View Post
            Hell, I got clipped doing 87 in a 50km/h zone in my GTR and got a warning. Age, attitude and humility counts for alot.

            Wish more people my age understood this concept. Makes everyone's live easier

            Originally posted by BrooklinsFinest View Post
            So last Summer when I was coming back from the cottage I got pulled over in Madoc on my way back home after an awesome weekend. We had a three car caravan. As we were coming through town doing exactly 50 km I saw an OPP cruiser sitting at a stop sign with his right hand turn signal on. Well my 33 caught his attention immediately, and he quickly flipped his turn signal to left and aggressively forced his car behind mine and turned his lights on almost instantly.

            I got mad.

            I pulled over as fast and hard as I could and reefed on the handbrake, turned on my hazards rolled down my window and exited my car and approached his. He comes over his PA system and tells me to get back into my car, I comply with his orders. As I sit back in the car and wait for him to approach I see he ha one hand close to his side arm, and think to myself oh boy, here we go. At this point I have so much adrenaline coursing through my veins I could feel my hands start to tingle and shake. This Cop was in for a fight.

            As he gets closer to the car he says the usual "license and registration please". I looked him dead in the eye and say "for what?" he repeats his order with a little more force in his voice, and I ask him what he pulled me over for, he repeats license and ownership and insurance again and I say "look, I'm not giving you anything until you tell me why you pulled me over, whats your badge number and supervisors name?" he says "listen buddy, if you don't provide me with your information I'm gonna arrest you!" Seeing that my irate approach was getting me nowhere fast I hand the officer all of my pertinent info and say "here, now are you gonna tell my why you pulled me over?". He says "Ya, you don't have a right hand drive sticker on the back of your car".

            I literally started to laugh, he gives me a look of confusion, I say "oh where do you get one of those, the Ministry?" He looks even more puzzled now and I begin to tell him that the law states a RHD vehicle only needs a sticker stating that it is RHD if it does not have working turn signals. "I'll be right back" he says. So after a couple of minuets I get out of the car to have a smoke and observe the officer frantically typing into his PC and talking on his radio. He finally gets out of his cruiser, approaches me and hands back my info. "So I guess you guys don't see too many of these cars out here, whats the verdict officer?" He says that I was right, and that he was happy that he didn't have to take me to jail. I replied to him that I was happy that I could help teach him the law in regards to RHD cars. "Next time you get pulled over by the police try to not be such a smart ass". I went to shake his hand, he looks at me and walks back to his car. As I'm waiting for him to leave, he does a power u turn and squeals the tires and he's gone. Now I just have to make sure to never ever do anything wrong in, or around Madoc for many, many years.
            You aren't entitled to jack because of the car you drive and it's because of attitudes like yours that RHD's have this lawlessness attached to them. Thanks for making it even harder drive one without hassle!

            Went a little overboard there. I'm sure you are a nice enough individual and may have been having a bad day. But please recognize that your behavior in an RHD, because of their rarity on the road, reflects upon the community as the whole. And right now, at least in Alberta, this is exactly the attitude people (including police) think we all have and that is absolutely false.
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            Originally posted by archaeic_bloke
            hows the warp drive? i've seen far too many GTR's lately that just arent able to hit warp speed.


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              got pulled over a couple weeks ago... for merging at the speed limit... merge lane started in a 70 zone an ended in a 70 ... i didnt slow down at all so he wanted to make shure i wasnt drunk or high... the he told me i should slow down, i asked why? he said because thats how it should be... so i gave him a funny face and told him that it merges from a 70 into a 70 and there was no merge lane posted speed limit ... so why would i slow down?..... he proceded to give me my papers back and say have a good day sir lol needless to say i finnaly stuck it to a cop rather than the other way around
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                I had a cop tell me he was going to arrest me and dismantle the my car with a chain saw to find all the "nasty and evil drugs" ive hidden in the car.

                absolute moron this one, dident ask for licence and registration.
                thank fully I insisted he look thru the car first, and he had a drug dog. Funny thing was the dog hoped in the back seat and just about fell asleep while he was looking thru the trunk.

                so i guess that there is more truth behind the previous post that cops are trained to look at RHD cars as being drug mules.
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                  A few months ago I went for a road trip from Abbotsford to Edmonton and just as I past Edson (not very far at all into the province) a cop on the other side of the highway, slammed on his brakes when he saw my car. He cut across the "emergency" u-turn route and caught up to me, then pulled me over. I wasn't speeding or driving like an ass it was just a "casual routine stop". He came up to my window and I gave him my papers and he started an interrogation about my car and threatening to give me a VI cause of my exhaust tip being 5 inches.... mean while there's huge diesel trucks flying by at the speed of sound and they all have 8 inch stacks. I told the cop that he has no right or reason to give me a VI in a province that I don't live in or intend to insure my car in. He just pause with a pissed off look and then said "I don't want to see this car in this province for more than 3 days, got it?". I was kinda pissed of but just politely said "ok, thank you" and slowly left.


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                    If a cop starts being a **** you can get them to lighten up by looking at their epaulettes, casually writing down their badge number and politely inquiring who the staff sergeant on duty is.

                    No need to be a **** in return, but you can be subtle about letting them know you are aware of your rights, the official compalint process and that you arn't a pushover.
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                      Surprisingly I haven't been harrassed by cops in my car. Only one ticket in the last four years.

                      I very much doubt that will change this year once my exhaust is on..... (I'll have to drive nicely now =P)
                      Originally posted by Robski
                      do you really want something a guy with a Civic has?


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                        haha thats why I bought a gopro, iv been pulled over 3 or 4 times and had a few phone calls from the police regarding my driving speeds and noise, its only resulted in one noise ticket that was thrown out and the car was only on the road for 5-6 months tops. but with my car it sounds like its going fast but i'm just there doing 50 and driving normally, but I am only 19 and not a big guy haha I'm just wondering if i'm going to be harassed this summer because I finished paint and bodywork just in time to store it. But im always compliant and polite to the offices, but if i get pulled over and there being a **** I want proof, not his word agenst mine because you will most times lose, so if he's ageist or anything, saying your young and driving a nice car so I stopped you, that's not probable cause to pull me over and if he changes his story ill have proof.

                        and thats my rant for the month haha
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                        Originally posted by Bravo
                        PS My wife just told me I was shitting in your Cheerios!
                        I'm sorry,
                        Good luck!


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                          Been daily driving my skyline for little over a month now... like 3000km's so far.

                          Had nothing but positive reactions from Police in Ontario. Lots of smiles, boyish grins, waves, and wide-eyed gawks.

                          Have not been pulled over as of yet either.

                          But I drive by the book-ish.


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                            I have had the funniest pull over in the falls. My ex was in the passenger seat texting when we pulled up to a cop in the turning lane.
                            Needless to say he didn't turn and pulled me over. Walking up to the wrong side of the car, he asks "Do you know why I pulled you over?"
                            And my passenger replies with "because you thought I was texting and driving"
                            Yup he didn't know what to say other than "licence n reg"
                            Came back like 15 mins later saying I need a RHD sticker or I could get a ticket... Lmao
                            Got stopped by that same cop again about 2 days later the falls but this time it was to check out my ride ^_^