The time has come to part ways with my pride and joy. Iíve owned this car for just over 10years now and done everything I wanted to it. Iíve spent a lot of time, energy and of course money to get it to where I was happy with it but I find myself not having the time to truly enjoy it. The skyline community has been wonderful to me and I will surely miss it, possibly regret it as well, but I feel like I need to focus on other priorities in life and hopefully someone can enjoy this car as much as I have.

1991 R32 GTR
44,xxxkm (purchased at 39,xxxkm in 2008)

-Brand new crated quarter panels from Nissan were installed in 2011 to fix a small rust patch under the rear spat. Zero rust on this vehicle
-Aston Martin Quantum Silver complete paint job including engine bay and complete underbody (whole underbody was stripped, undercoating removed and repainted)
-Carbon vented hood, filled and painted in body colour. Equipped with Aerocatch locking hood locks
-Genuine N1 side skirts
-Genuine Ganador mirrors
-AB Flug front diffuser
-Top secret rear diffuser
-Geniune N1 headlights
-beats cooling panel

Engine Bay:
-Late R32 RB26 long nose crank engine swapped to alleviate the earlier shortnose crank issues. Engine went over a complete tear down and inspection. EVERY gasket, washer, o-ring, sealing surface was replaced. Turbos inspected for leaking/shaftplay. Everything cleaned and repainted etc. Wanted to ensure a perfectly operating engine without issues. Every part purchase was brand new.
-Complete factory-spec Wiring Specialties engine, transmission, coil and sub harness installed. No electrical gremlins!
-New Nissan Cam Angle Sensor
-New Nissan Idle control valve
-R34 coil conversion with new Nissan R34 Coilpacks
-New 02 sensors front and rear
-New timing belt kit with idler/tensioner/spring and Tomei timing belt
-Tomei intake and exhaust adjustable cam gears
-New N1 waterpump
-New N1 oil pump
-New Radiator hoses
-Mines cam baffle plates
-Ross Tuffbond metal jacket harmonic balancer
-Fuel Injectors cleaned and tested
-Trust downpipe w/test pipe
-HKS Super Turbo exhaust
-Spec stage 2 clutch
-clutch damper removal with new slave cylinder
-N1 non-abs brake master cylinder w/ factory non-abs lines (complete abs removal)
-complete hicas removal
-body/fuse box wiring tuck for a cleaner look with battery relocated to trunk
-Plazmaman Pro series Intercooler
-Koyo radiator
-Rebuilt Alternator
-Rebuilt starter

-everything has been removed, cleaned, inspected and repainted or replaced and resealed down to the subframe, diff, attessa system etc etc
-Front and rear wheel bearings
-front tie rods and ball joints
-SPL solid bushings all around including SPL solid subframe bushings and diff bushings
-AMS hicas eliminator kit
-AMS front and rear upper control arms
-SPL rear traction arms
-Driftworks front tension rods
-Cusco front and rear sway bars with new poly bushings
-all brake calipers rebuilt with new hawk pads and factory rotors
-HKS Hypermax IV SP coil overs with custom specd spring rates

-SSR SP1 3pc chrome disc, black spokes 18x9.5 +12 and 18x11 -1 on Toyo R888 tires
-SSR hub caps and hub centric inserts
-Rays duraluminim lug nuts,
-nismo extended front studs with 10mm spacer
-custom shortened rear lower control arms to tuck the wheels into the well better

-Cusco safety-21 Dash dodger bolt in cage with custom harness bar painted in black
- Bride Gias II Kevlar seats with Bride lowmount slider brackets
-Takata black 4pt camlock harnesses
-Nismo 5pc floor mats
-Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel
-Greddy turbo timer
-Kenwood double din DVD deck w/ alpine type S speakers all around
-new shift and ebrake boots
-new C-pillar trim
-new center bezel trim and ashtray
-dash has zero bubbles or flaws, all vents are perfect

-a few minor paint flaws as it was done roughly 6 years ago, some scratches and a couple chips in fender well from aggressive wheel stance, nothing major. Very Slight tire wear to suit on edge (900km on new tires)
-a/c isnít recharged.All seals replaced, just never got around to recharging it. Belt removed.
-aggressive stance/low ride height and solid bushings makes this car have a slightly more rough ride with more driveline/road noise. Could be a Pro as it handles like itís on rails!
-1 cig burn on corner of rear passenger seat.

I feel that this is a beautiful example of a tastefully modified r32 GTR with all the right adjustments to make this an extremely fun yet reliable vehicle for years to come.
I am asking 33,000usd obo located in Vancouver BC. Price is negotiable as are some items like wheels/harnesses etc

Will upload with photos tonight