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    I got Fort Nelson covered. Anytime three two one one four three nine. Even got keys to a five bay four lift full service shop.
    1990 Skyline GTR Nismo #161


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      Im in Blackfalds AB, Just 15 KM from Red Deer. Ive had a skyline since January 05 and pretty much seen it all. Willing to help anyone in need. Just PM me here or 403-598-9434.
      I accept Keiths RED as payment :P
      Im in Pigeon Lake a lot with the GF so i might not have signal there(PL is a dead zone)

      Originally posted by funkymonkey
      You guys need to set up an RSPCS (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Skylines) and take a baseball bat to the heads of owners that bring disrespect to the heritage by being metrosexual knob jockeys behind the steering wheel.


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        i am in the process of purchasing a 1991 skyline GT_R 84,000 km,clean in and out. pretty modified, any info is greatly appreciated, never owned one. what should i look for? i work at a dealer so i ran icbc report, car fax, and car has no liens on it. so on paper looks clean and over all the car is showroom condition, not sure what to look for mechanicly.


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          there isnt really a lot to say, but if you can then i would check the condition of atleast one of the turbos. a turbo will pretty much tell you how the car has been treated. If the car is really in great condition overall then i would say it was well maintained anyways though.
          Is the gauge cluster stock, and how much wear is on the leather steering wheel? (if the wheel is even stock still)
          It seems common that the jacking points under the car tend to take a beating from people who cant jack a car up properly. Ive seen a couple where there was a good deal of the under pan is pressed right up like 2-3 inches because the jack was put on the wrong spot. That wouldnt be easy to fix and would likely cause premature rust on the unibody.
          If you can get to the coil packs, then check for some red dust

          the first pic on that link shows what you need to look for. if you see red dust then you got problems.

          Lastly, how does she idle?

          Originally posted by funkymonkey
          You guys need to set up an RSPCS (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Skylines) and take a baseball bat to the heads of owners that bring disrespect to the heritage by being metrosexual knob jockeys behind the steering wheel.


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            Hey I live in Calgary ne. I'm willing to give people a hand if they need it. I don't have many tools or much knowledge right now but I'm a fast learner and I am pretty damn good at finding electrical issues.

            I'm also a certified motorcycle mechanic apprentice lol.

            I'm really just looking to make more friends who like skylines more than trashing trucks 80 km/h into mudholes.

            Text me anytime 14035546722


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              I'm in calgary and willing to help anyone mon-thursday evenings or afternoons (not everyone but most). I am 20 and have little mechanical experience but i have managed to replace my transmission, clutch, flywheel, pressure plate and replace all fluids in my car so far. More looking to just help out and learn mostly. Ohh ya know all the basic stuff like brakes aswell.

              Shoot me a PM if you need a hand

              I am in the SW
              1994 GTR - 6 Years with this car... damn time flies.
              1998 Subaru V4 STI - Daily/winter beast


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                in calgary, had my gtr 4 years, pulled engine, done 3 clutchs on it, wheel bearings, my gtst i have the turbo down to about 2 hours out and in, i work in a shop so i can also do tires some times .... live nw calgary work se calgary
                1990 gtr .... in need of axle and some tlc
                1990 gtst 4 door, slammed, 2 toned, and fun.


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                  Calgary located, total car noob have a '92 GTR for about a year now. If anyone needs some senior(35) muscle for some car work I would gladly help. Tired of looking at my car wondering "what's that do??...what's that do?!, etc" So I would glad to point stare and drool.


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                    I am in squamish but would commute in for any help, kinda the point of these forums no?
                    Director of RestorFX Ontario

                    2003 Mazda Protege 5 Turbo (RIP)
                    1990 Skyline R32 GTR, Yume
                    2007 Subaru WRX (retired)
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                    2010 Toyota Tundra Crewmax..... Oh yeah!

                    "A car is not a way from point a to point b, it is the point!"
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                      Hi i live in okotoks and i need more of help/tips on understanding and turning my skyline gts-4 rb20 turbo automatic i've owned it about 2 months and have no clue about it so if anyong in the calgary area that wouldn't mind meeting up and taking the car for a spin then reviewing it i would greatly appreciate it alot. getting beat by mustangs is starting to get to me lol.


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                        Im in lethbridge and taber most of the time

                        i go up to innisfail, red deer, and lacombe on a weekly basis for work.

                        im not that knowledgeable, but im not dumb.

                        easiest way to reach me is 403-315-0340, text that **** up, I like to talk, name is Nathan

                        Originally posted by m_melen
               woulda been safer if his harness were made of jello


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                          skyline and 300zx go to guy in Langley / Surrey

                          I can help the guys and girls with R32 and Z32 out in langley / surrey area. I have done just about everything on a z32 zx or r32 gtr. Also i have my own personal shop fitted with most everything needed to fix what needs fixing.

                          fire off a text or call 604 786 1272 anytime.


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                            Hit me up. i can give help/tips on how to make ur car look good. or to tell how ur car looks as is.


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                              I'm a bodyman, and always willing to check out a Skyline. Calgary and surrounding area.