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When is it time to replace to oil pump, and advise for 500HP build.

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  • When is it time to replace to oil pump, and advise for 500HP build.

    Alright, I have seen a lot of information about the rb26 oil pumps, and the issues that they have. I have yet to see a definitive answer as to when is the right time to change out the oil pump. I am planning to start buying parts here, and want to make sure my list of parts is all encompassing. This is the list I have gathered so far as the route I am considering. Would a upgraded oil pump be a good idea for this build. Thanks

    HKS 2530's
    decatted 3.5 inch exhaust
    ID1000 AEM injectors
    AEM 320lb in tank
    Tomei adjustable cam gears
    Apexi Power FC

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    If you are running a conventional gear setup then if you are considering a rebuild makes sense to upgrade to a spline drive solution.
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      Your mods sound fairly modest so I think you can get away with the stock pump for the time being (as long as you're not redlining it all the time). the oil pump is a pretty big engine out job, requiring the removal of the tranny and oil pan.


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        cool idea but man... it's too late for my engine. It's already assembled tomei oil pump it is.
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          There are several signs that you should take a note to check and know when you must have an oil pump replacement like: Clanking Noise, Impact of low oil pressure, Noisy Hydraulic Lifters, A Loud Valve-Train,... when you meet these cases, it is the time that you must do a replacement )