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RB30/LS2 coils flooding

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  • RB30/LS2 coils flooding

    Hello everyone,
    I'm in the final stages of my RB30/26 hybrid build, and I'm running into an issue with severe over fueling. I currently have stock injectors, fuel rail and Nismo adjustable FPR for fuel, power fc and commander for ECU, and an LS2 coil pack set up.

    The engine is brand new and we're trying to get it to run for basic break in. It starts and idles well for about 15 minutes, and then seems to run super rich and stalls. Pulling the plugs they're wet, so it's flooded.

    My mechanic thinks it's a lack of spark, but the LS2 are suppose to be much better than my R32 coil packs. It's consistent on all cyclinders so it's not just a single bad coil, so could it be the harness? Maybe something was missed during the coil install? The harness is from wiring specialties.

    Has anyone run into issues like this? Any ideas or suggestions? I obviously need to get it tuned, but my mechanic is adamant it's spark.

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    Start with 3.5ms dwell under little load and progress to 4.5ms dwell under more load and higher boost. You have obviously removed the stock ignitor? And stock injectors suck, buck up for some good ID1000s.


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      It sounds to me as a sticky IACV (idle control valve) after warming up and being open its starts acting up! Also, there is two of them!
      Experiment with temp blocking air to the one closer to the head
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