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Tim's R34 Skyline 25GT-T project

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  • Tim's R34 Skyline 25GT-T project

    Out with the old, in with the... only 15 years old!

    Big thanks to Derek at pacific coast JDM for helping me land this.

    Auction grade 4 exterior. Clean!

    Blitz Nur Spec exhaust

    Little wear and tear in the interior, but nothing I cant deal with

    Already planning all kinds of fun stuff for when this shows up around mid October.

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    I approve. looks killer! I spy a hicas system!!


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      glad you went with Derek he is a great guy..

      enjoy your new car. if you need any help on this end let me know.
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      Originally posted by JZ
      Agreed. Good to have you here Ben


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        Originally posted by dah_hunter View Post

        glad you went with Derek he is a great guy..

        enjoy your new car. if you need any help on this end let me know.
        For sure, Dereks been awesome every step of the way. I think I've got most of this sorted out but if I hit any snags I'll be sure to take you up on that. Thanks

        First thing I have ordered since I was way under my budget on the car itself is a full East Bear gts-r Masterpiece kit. My build inspiration for this car is going to be the M-Spec GTR styling. Eventually including a respray of Silica Breath I think. (my 32gts having kind of a z-tune inspiration for the look)


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          Parts have started trickling in, I believe I will have the first full Eastbear GTS-R in canada and one of very few Complete Spec 1's in north america. Spec 2's being more common.

          As far as engine bits go, the garrett turbo and supporting pieces will transfer over from my 32.... Now I just need the car...


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            bodyman, bodyman, does what ever a bodyman can....

            Keeping myself busy while im waiting for my beastie to ship. tackling the rear bumper next. It suffered some damage during shipping, so I get to dust off my fiberglass repair skills (or lack there of)


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              rest of the kit showed up, along with some other tid bits from my car. Seems to be the wrong style of bumper but I might have to just go with it. More trouble than its worth to try and get them to send me the right one i think...

              Minty S15 steering wheel should be a direct swap for my worn 34 one.

              Fingers crossed my car makes the ship next week.


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                Well apparently the car landed last week, haha. Had no idea it even left japan yet, so now im scrambling. I have a few in mind, but does anyone know a "good" shop to get it inspected? Thought I had a bit more time before I would have to figure this out.

                Pics soon.


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                  What a miserable day to bring home such a fun toy! Runs Like a Dream, man these 34's are such a step up in quality.


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                    Looks awesome! Looking forward to watching the progress on this


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                      Victory is on the horizon..


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                        Swapping out for some DOT tires for inspection

                        Polishing up those xenons




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                          Started fitting the Eastbear GTSR kit


                          again, they sent me the wrong spec 2 bumper insted of the spec 1 i wanted... but I think I can live with it.


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                            That looks great. Congrats! The East Bear front splitter add on would make it look so much more badass.


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                              The splitter is on there, it just hasn't been painted so its black. Tough to see in that picture.