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  • Addiction

    Get some pop corn and drink because this may take a while!

    My Addiction started about 10 years ago when like most teens watched fast and the furious and grand tursimo. Since then I have engulfed my self (and my wife these past 5years) with research,history and just trying to find out everything I can about these amazing cars.

    When I graduated highschool in 2008 my wife and I drove to Alberta to try the "out west" money. This is when I actually seen skylines, I would go all over the province trying to see if I could spot another and just have a conversation about them. My weekends consisted of driving to a new place and trying to find skylines, my wife loved this because she got to see all the different places, but I just looked for those tail lights!

    I was working in grande pairie for about a year and then seen one weekend a black r32 with a gts, so I get his attention and we pull off into a Costco parking lot. His name was Rick and he told me more and showed me more in 15mins than I had known since 2004. I notice a sticker in his window......... Gtrcanada.....huummmmm I ask him what's this? He then tells me all about this great fourm called gtrcanada and explains how there are all kinds of skylines for sale on it, mechanical infor, build threads, etc. Rick says he has to go so we shake and I thank him. With an epic burn out he was off, and I was left standing with a smile and the sounds of 6 cylinders ringing in my head.

    2009, I join the fourm that Rick had told me about. Since I was back in Newfoundland and in college, money wasn't the best but I would always troll the FS tread for cheap cars, Nothing was possible because 95% of them are west of Ontario. I struggle on finish college and move to Enfield,NS with the wife so I can start my career. Both my wife and I are AME's but she's also a flight instructor.

    The great skyline hunt starts again, the wife is happy too cause we get to your around novia scotia. We drove to out by greenwood one day and I thought, this is where that nismo gtr for sale that bobbo and I were pm'ing about is located. So we stop at this tiny airport and the wife watches her passion fly over head while I scrabble to get the guys number to see where he is so I can have a look at his car, I can't find a number so I just pm him. Just as were about to leave the wife screams "look", here were people skydiving so we wait and watch as they come down one by one. 2 go into the bushes so intially we laugh but then hope they are safe. Day later the guy pm's me, "sorry I was skydiving at *some tiny airport*". Wow, how funny that we were at the same place and didn't even realize it!

    We move back to Newfoundland because jazz sucks and I can actually make more money with a smaller company ( we fly the tiny 1900D's for aircanada from NB and east)
    And again I search and search and search for a car I want soooooo much but for some reason cannot get my hands on one.

    Stay with me guys, starts to get good now

    April this year I'm looking in kijiji and see this gts in Halifax, get some info on it and and with out hesitation I cut off the the decision when I find out it's a 20de! Bla!! Barf. Wife is pissed cause she's hears me everyday," look at this skyline" and says "just find a ******* skyline already so i dont have to listen to your ****" with her blessing I start a Canada wide search with the help of google and kijiji. I stock pile a list and then rule out according to price/location/condition. There is one in GTA that keeps my attention though, so I call up the guy and he gives me the goods.

    I decide to go ahead with it and we talk a price and get the paper work in motion. Insurance was a killer but I get it all and Volia!

    I have 4 days off and the wife has 3, I get off nights so it's gonna be a tight flight to yyz. My buddy at work covers the last 3 hours of my night shift so I can leave to catch the flight. I meet the wife there we board and were off, it's finally happening, I'm finally about to have a skyline!

    I start to panic inside, what if it's a bag if ****? What if I break down? It's a long drive back so I'm uneasy.

    We land in yyz at 11:40, my uncle leaves his work to come pick us up, then were off to see moe ( the owner of the skyline)
    I get to the lot and can find the car! I call moe it goes to voice mail! Omg I've been played? Nope, he just went for a quick wash so she was fresh for me before I picked her up.

    The battery is dead and it's empty so moe get a batter pack and we boost the battery and head to the gas station. He fills her up $93, and then we stop and a car parts place and he gets me a new battery. This whole time I'm inspection the car so much and can't find Any thing disappointing.

    We shake and I had the funds. The wife grabs our stuff from my uncles truck and were on the way! Our way to see 99_SI (Andrey) for some generously free ramp/inspection time.

    More to follow!
    Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!

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    haha, know exactly what you felt flying out to look at a skyline and thinking about all the stuff that could go wrong. cool story
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      Glad to hear you had a great trip Terry! Having a supportive wife is such a huge help. I wouldn't have accomplished all I had if it weren't for my wife.
      I'm looking forward to seeing how the next few chapters unfold.


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        So at Andrey's we look her up and down, side to side and top to bottom. Everything's tight and I have some goodies! NG coil over suspension (never herd of this brand before) and a 3" cat back, blitz sound good too, not like fart can Honda loud, just a nice tone.

        I pick up a set of stock wheels that Andrey had with decent rubber (for play time at autoX events) . With a big thanks to Andrey were went back to my uncles for BBQ and sleep before the long drive home. Sorry guys forgot to get a pic of Andrey's and my car next to each other.

        After a well needed sleep we get aboard the car at 6 to try and beat most of the mornin rush....... Or so I thought

        I'm sure it gets worse but I'm used to seeing like 20 cars on the highway on a 15min drive to work lol.

        Every km I drove the more better it felt. I even went a lil over the speed limit in open spaces to see what she could do. Nothing too crazy. I'm constantly looking to make sure I have oil pressure and temp is not high, they hold steady like they should!

        Now....... No pics from Quebec untill the boat cause the wife was asleep and I was too worried about the highways being ruff plus I'm more concentrated on driving at night. On a side note...Quebec is horrible! I have no idea how people drive there on a daily basis in the conditions the highways are.... Just nasty. safe to say that my car now hates Quebec also lol. Two coons are lucky too after A narrow escape from my wheels lol, they were in the middle of the highway in NB at like 3am eating some garbage.

        We line up at the ferry and I can't get on because my bumper hits, ouch! So they take me to the bottom with all the transports and campers where it's flat.

        We get to our cabin right away and sleep. 2089kms straight from my uncles house to the boat, from 6am in Milton ON to 8:45am in Sydney NS.

        We dock and hurry to the car to start another 6hr run

        What's that! Hahaha

        Hit Newfoundland and it starts allready, "cum on buddy, give it to her!" I hear from a bunch of guys at the gas station. No trouble to tell were home hahah.

        4 moose we seen for the first 3 hours unfortunately an ambulance carrying a patient which had passed us about 10mins before had hit a small moose. We make sure they are ok and call it in, RCMP and two more ambulances are there In a matter of minutes. The driver and patient were ok, hardly any damage to the ambulance but the moose wasn't so lucky.
        So now the adrenaline is still pumping and we continue on, without incident we make it.

        2am.... My new Addiction has begun.
        Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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          Nice story man! Glad you made it ok! Give those stockers hell! The car is mint besides what you've seen at my place so I had no doubt you will be fine. Glad I had a chance to help out a fellow Skyline enthusiast. It was pleasure to meet you both! Hope to see you again!

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            First mod! Had one left in my tool box that didn't get stuck yet.

            This was the way I found out about this club and get so involved with the culture so many years ago, so it only makes perfect sense to do the same and maybe pass this addiction on.
            Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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              Head lights were horrible, I had to do something about it. I picked up this headlight restoration kit for $40

              Taped off around the lights and started to wet sand with a 1000grit pad, then a 4000grit.

              Once they are frosty looking, time for polish!

              Looks good eh?! After that just apply with a soft rag some uv protectant,that comes in the kit too, and your done! About 45min from start to finish well worth the $40 and no more yellow headlights!
              Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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                Great read! Yeah UV protectant is a must. I now must repeat
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                  Did a check-up on the car today! New air filter ( just a fram one untill I get my pod filter) and gapped plugs and did a compression check.

                  All 6 looked like this, the gap was a bit off but she's burning beautifully.

                  The coil packs looked brand new, so clean under the cover.

                  And the compression check, I almost didn't want to do this because I was too afraid I would find a bad cylinder. But I hooked it up, one at a time.... Crank and checked, another cranked and checked.... Etc. so the car has a new odometer in it from the Nissan dealer in japan ( have a reciept for the install) and she had 100,300km's and the new odo shows 20,000kms now. All six, I kid you not, were at 160-165!!!!!!!!! So friggen happy.

                  Great healthy engine to start modding!

                  Slow day so a quick wash!
                  Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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                    Was trying my hand at slalom this weekend!
                    More pics to come.

                    If you look close I'm waaaaaaaay in the back next to a honda accord.
                    Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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                      Some fun destroying tires!

                      So, this had shown me a couple things;
                      1 need more boost/ FMIC
                      2 need test pipe and down pipe
                      3 new air freshener!
                      Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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                        I'm an audio nut, so the stock stereo wasn't cuttin it.

                        Slowly remove the dash bits

                        So funny with it gone...

                        Chop original wires, splice in new harness for the head unit( use proper connectors! No black tape and twisting !!!)

                        There you have it! About 1hour and it's done. Now just have to get new speakers!
                        Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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                          Ok, to ad to the last post.

                          Big Boo boo. I had originally connected the ground wire to what I thought was ground on the cars stereo wiring. In fact it does ring to ground with a meter BUT if you turn on the lights it supply's +12 volts for the factory dimmer function. So when I powered up the stereo it blew a 10A fuse in the engine bay fuse box.

                          I'm a veteran when it comes to installs like this, but in my flurry of excitement for installing a stereo in my dream car(rainbows flow from my mouth) I made a rookie mistake.

                          So I cut and stowed it away, then connected the stereo ground to a metal bracket behind the stereo

                          After that I put it all back together!

                          If you look at this next pic there is a small gap at the bottom of the new deck.

                          So I found a old wiper I had in the garage and cut it to fit, not too bad actually.

                          Power it up and crank it to hear how it sounds and I hear "pop, crack, pop crack" coming from the back speakers. Open the trunk and pull the cover of to investigate....

                          Safe to say i need new speakers now lol

                          This is all you need to tackle this job properly, you can get this at any crappy tire, the source, etc. if your car still has the stock radio I would suggest doing this yourself, save money than gettin a shop to install and it's easy! Plus you gain more knowledge on these cars that's always good!

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                            There is a car show August 2/2014 that I'm attending with the skyline, Should be the only skyline there. So I had a day off and it was nice so I figured id start the long process of detailing the car. I'm no pro like cobrAA(he's amazing at detailing) but id like to get her looking better.

                            The engine bay was first..... After years of grime it was long over due for a wash.

                            Notice the shock towers next to the spray bottle.

                            With a rag, paint brush and "super clean" which comes from Canadian tire come in a purple jug, I started. Spray wipe/brush and spray off with the garden hose.

                            Worked my way across spraying and wiping.

                            And Volia!

                            Not too bad considering how bad it was and stuck on. The super clean is a great product. Word of advise tho, wear gloves and try not to leave it sitting on the car too long, it is corrosive so make sure you spray it off!!

                            Some minor details to, few paint touch-ups and a good wax a couple days before she should be good

                            My Addiction
                            Come on lotto!!! Daddy needs a whole lotta stuff!


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                              Looks great Terry!!! X2 for Super Clean. I use it often and love it.