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Max's financial mistake (Skyline GTS-T 1990)

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  • Max's financial mistake (Skyline GTS-T 1990)

    It all started as all my friends were drifting their cars and I wanted to do the same.
    I already own a mint R32 GTR with very low kilometers, so I decided to start looking for another Skyline.
    Here in Quebec we have a private Facebook group with most owners of skyline. A good day a guy posted if any of us would like a cheap skyline. I was one of the first to talk to him and under 30 minutes I made a deposit.

    Here are the pictures he sent me:

    The weekend came and I was able to go pick it up

    Everything went well until I left the Highway to go to my house. There was missing one bolt on the Clutch cylinder (didn't know) so when I came to downshift it didn't work. I was forced to stop in a parking lot

    I called CAA and towed the car to one of my friend's garage. Made a wash and a complete fluid change of my Clutch cylinder for 20$. Also, my transmission was doing a broken bearing sound so I thought it was the clutch bearing so we've put a SPEC stage 3 clutch in. That was not the problem HAHA!

    I was finally able to go home with the car and work on it be myself and LEARN!
    LEARN is what I wanted with this project car

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    The interior of the trunk was all covered in rust so I started to grind it

    After some extra sanding and soldering, I've primed it with Tremclad Primer

    It was now time to clear it, again with Tremclad Clear

    Last owner relocated the battery in the trunk, but was not properly fixed so I've decided to make a custom support using existing hole

    Also the positive of the battery was going outside the car so I've made it go inside

    I bought a 100A breaker to be able to cut the power without having to open the battery box

    After this I made a trunk floor with a plywood sheet

    The only thing left now is to make a carpet and reinstall panels, but I didn't have time for it.


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      In the engine bay, the fuse box loom was completely messed up, I had to change it
      Also, I had misfire problems so I've put Splitfire coilpack! Was not the problem HAHA!

      I found and bought a Fusebox loom from a R32 GTR

      The fusebox loom is out

      I had to compare both loom to see if it would work. I had more wire on the GTS-T loom, I quickly realized it was for the electric front spoiler which I don't have.

      Reinstalled the Fusebox loom

      Battery, alternator and fuse box wire

      Bought a small plastic box for the wires and snapped it using existing hole

      I've tested my new electric setup and everything work great! Clean and simple


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        Nice ride !

        Please post more pictures soon, I really enjoy seeing how you did up the rust removal and primer in the trunk.


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          I've got some rust starting in the trunk too! I look in there every now and then and see a small puddle but can't find where it's coming from.


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            Yes i just did this. Needed to cut a tiny piece off the shroud on the bottom to sit flat and also used stainless zip ties to secure the bottom of the shroud. Top holes fit perfect. So fan was lined up great.

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              Fuel pump rewire + relay relocalisation


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                I had a broken oxygen sensor. I tought it could be the cause of my misfire but it did not fix my problem!

                Also I've order a coilpack harness from Wiringspecialites to help reducing possibilities of my misfire source.


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                  Time for body work... again!

                  It may not be perfect but it's better than before

                  As I was in the mood for painting I started sanding the black section and realized there was rust there too

                  I used Lead free soldering to fill the holes. No body filler was used
                  I bought Krylon primer, Krylon Silver paint and Krylon clear. Total paint cost: 20$
                  The color almost match!


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                    Bought a complete GTR front end, trunk and GTR wing

                    I found the exact same wheels as my GTR so I bought them. The only difference is the dimension.
                    Those I bought are 17x8+35 front and 17x9+38 rear


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                      Keep going Max, i like the way you work. couple things i havent thought of for my car... I hope you'll get all of this together!
                      My sky got 99 problems but to find bitches ain't one

                      Once you go sky; Parts you're going to buy...


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                        Rotors were all rusty

                        I had studs to change

                        Anti-seize for the win!

                        I decided to grind and paint the rotors as I had them in hand

                        Now it's time to reinstall


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                          Tips of the day...

                          Electrical tape on the headlights...


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                            Sealed the fuel pump cover


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                              The car came with a mishimoto fan shroud but after some test I realised it didnt start, the wiring was not done properly so I've bought a Mishimoto fan controller with a probe sensor. It allows the fan to start by itself when the temperature of the rad is too hot. Also it features an option to bypass the module with a switch to make it start manually

                              Also I've seen a air con fan mod on youtube on Alexi's R32 from Noriyaro
                              I've decided to do the same as an emergency fan

                              In my fusebox I had the INIBIT relay socket empty. I took a old relay connector on my old fusebox and did all the wiring to the air con fan... Stealth mod level 1000

                              Also I took the air can fan connector from my old fusebox loom to make it look OEM and not mess with my new loom

                              To only thing left now is to wire to the switch and the ignition :P

                              Bonus picture:
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