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Max's financial mistake (Skyline GTS-T 1990)

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    My switch for my electric fans

    Bought an AEM wideband fits perfect in the ventilation hole!


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      Well I painted the center without masking so it ended like this... What's bad with this? I took the car out for a drive and after the first braking there was not paint anymore except for the center


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        Front end fitted and I did a oil change as the old oil was very black!

        Took the car for a ride and 1 one the cheap coupler I bought broke... Quick fix on the side and ready to go
        A reason for me to install the front facing plenum laying in my wardrobe.

        Coming soon with the new setup and quality couplers


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          I'm very happy my front facing plenum is installed and my custom intercooler piping is done
          I've also installed my Greddy FV blowoff valve and my mishimoto type R intercooler!

          Pictures soon...


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            Here we go guys!!!

            I also had water coming in the trunk by the taillights, problem fixed

            When I did the brake job, I saw that my coilsprings were cut

            I had a great deal on HSD so I bought them

            I also bought a pair of ISIS performance Upper controle arm, also known as Camberkit. I need to put all those things back and i'll come up with more pictures


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              Here are the ISIS camber kit, I'm going to install them shortly

              Installed an APEXi air filter kit for RB20DET as I don't like the HKS style and I had no support bracket so it was banging in the engine bay

              Quick shot of the the engine bay...

              I bought RawBrokerage -10an fitting for the covers, a mishimoto catch can and some hoses
              I will also paint my covers wrinkle black and install an alumium coils cover

              And here is a shot of the intercooler... You can't see it but it is 4 inch thick... And I will center it of course


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                Rear coilover installed, I bought a rear Cusco strut bar and I was able the finish the trunk


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                  My new coilovers are doing a Clunk sound, I'm trying to figure out what's the problem