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My review thread for Adam @ feast auto export.

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    Adam is the man. very honest and patient. what more could you ask for?
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      If he wasn't already married I'd take him


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        Originally posted by kelaog View Post
        If he wasn't already married I'd take him
        ...Wow, think you took that a little too far right there.

        Anyway, I too love Adam's packaging skills. Intake manifold gasket and injector o-rings was the best. Lady at the post office thought it was an empty box. :bow down:

        I will have to see what happens to this R32 before I go committing to get a R34. I know my dream car would be an R34 but I don't think I could sell my R32.

        Adam is the go to guy for all your JDM needs. My car wouldn't be running right now if it wasn't for him.


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          +1 for Adam, he's been too good. Very honest, upfront and gets stuff done when he says it will be done by. I would never second guess buying something from him. I've bought a few items from him so far and hope to continue doing business with him. Thanks for everything so far man !
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            Originally posted by Joker View Post
            Yeah Adam, I'll be getting an R34 as soon as they are legal. No BS. Keep it in the back of your mind. I know who to call.
            2013 for a gtt or 2014 for gtr? They'll be cheap by then I'm sure. I already have the finger on the purchase button lol, just waiting 4 years.
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              When I get my skyline in the next few months, its going to need alot of work and since I been on this forum. I haven't heard anything bad about your company, so I gotta say my services will be going to you.
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              Originally posted by Tap56
              With the economy having gone downhill some people are having to reuse old posts since they can't afford new ones.


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                Adam has always been good to me, He always seems to have what I need and if he doesn't he sure has a way for finding it !

                Nothing but good things to say and I will continue to buy from him, I highly recommend speaking with him if you are looking for something - you wont be disappointed :-D


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                  Just got my Rb25 turbo from Adam! In GREAT Shape, better than had expected...Nothing but great things from Adam! Great seller, and member of these forums.


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                    Originally posted by Muss View Post

                    Adam is unreal. I have been a pain in the ass and he has been patient the whole way through, a great seller and a great guy!
                    I agree, I have been a pain as its my first time bringing a car over. He has made it very comfortable for me and I really appreciate it.

                    I'm thinkin' RB's


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                      A+ for Adam he's helped me at times when I needed stuff right away. Some places told me 3-4 weeks to get things, Adam had it shipped to me in a week.

                      Thanks Adam
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                        Thanks guys!

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