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The Holy grail r32 gtr Part out , tons of aftermarket parts!!!:(

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    I forget, are you running a 4/5/6 pt harness? I might be interested in taking the seat, harness (if there is one, or 2), and the roll cage! I had a quick look when we were at the meet, but any more photos of these? Of course, i'd drive over and pick these up
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      False.. You were not at the meet.. So i had a dream about these, or something! Anyways, let me know! lol
      Check out the GTST Projects page and keep up to date with my build!
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      Any part inquiries can be forwarded to


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        Originally posted by nelsonmxmarc View Post
        False.. You were not at the meet.. So i had a dream about these, or something! Anyways, let me know! lol
        You are weird.
        My car keeps on stealing my money .


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          I know you have a text! .. or maybe that was a dream as well... haaa.. no.. no you do.. lol
          Check out the GTST Projects page and keep up to date with my build!

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            Hey DJ can ya clear your pm's lol can't pm ya back about them axles, ur box is full lol


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              I'll take the HKS ets controller for sure so I'll pay ASAP for it.

              Interested in the carbon trunk, rims, apexi exhaust, subframe (rear?) need pics for what has been upgraded. Sure your box is filling so you can pM for email address for pictures
              No build thread.
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                hicas lock bar ?


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                  PART OUT STARTED!!!

                  sparco seat sold
                  seat rail sold
                  coilovers sold
                  n1 water pump sold
                  engine pending sale
                  carbon hood pending sale
                  n1 oil pump with reimax gears pending sale
                  Os giken clutch sold
                  personal steering wheel and hub sold
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                  My car keeps on stealing my money .


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                    Payment sent


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                      im buying the 6boost mani/ aem meth kit just trying to link my cc to paypal and its being a bitch they are mine tho
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                        Alright Jon im waiting,

                        Items sold:
                        Oil pump
                        Carbon Hood
                        Nismo shift knob

                        List updated with some goodies,check it out!
                        Will be adding pictures to the list tonight
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                        My car keeps on stealing my money .


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                          I want that carbon shield, you havnt pm'd back as I'm sure your slammed but let
                          Me know thanks


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                            If there is any way to safely remove the trunk/gas lid lever/mechanism please let me know! My GTS-4 was broken in to a while ago and somehow they broke it so I gotta open the gas tank through the trunk Would love a new lever that works.
                            91 Skyline GTS-4 RB20DET


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                              Could you PM pic of carbon lip? Also interested in carbon shield if still available.


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                                you still got the HKS ET-S Atessa controller

                                Originally posted by DJ View Post
                                I really cant believe this might happen but im testing the market to see what it gives.

                                I'm parting out my 1989 r32 gtr , I paid 24000$ for it in 2006 and dumped over 30 000$++ into it.Now the prices listed are firm, i've put so much time and effort into this car so im not in a hurry to sell the parts for peanuts.95% of the parts that have gone into this car havnt been used.

                                The Reason im doing this is cause I just got accepted to University and I would like to pay my tuition and be almost det free ...

                                This is the deal.The car basically needs a day or two of work to get it running ,I know its a long shot but if someone wants to pick it up as it is now , i'm firm on 21 000$ .(please keep your comments to yourself)

                                I know some people may not like this but if I get and offer better than yours ,even if you call dibs the part will go out to that person.I'm loosing over 30 000$ in this so I'm trying to get back as much as I can .Please understand my situation!

                                PART OUT STARTED!!

                                Pictures:Send me a request for pictures ill try to get all of them on here asap ,in the meantime you can check my build thread and see some of the parts listed.

                                List of parts:
                                rb26 short Block 2500$ Freshly built SOLD!!!!
                                specs:Cp pistons 87mm
                                Eagle rods
                                Acl main bearings
                                Acl rod bearings
                                Arp hardware all around
                                Tomei oil restrictor
                                oem nissan rear main seal
                                Custom Federal crank collar
                                Oil sump cleaned everything was removed , all seals,o rings were replaced.Tomei sump baffle installed with larger oil drain galleries.
                                block was decked resurfaced honed ....all Machine work and assembly done by Mississauga Engines
                                Just the machine work was 3000$

                                Head 2000$ Freshly built SOLD!!!!!
                                5 angle valve job
                                valve bowls all debured and ported
                                exhaust lumps ported
                                supertech bronze valve guide
                                supertech valve seals
                                Brian crower valve springs
                                Stock OEM valves
                                New seats
                                Type B tomei Poncams
                                All work done by Mississauga Engines

                                -(never used) N1 Oil pump with Reimax gears fitted SOLD!!
                                -(never used) Wheels 18x10.5 +15 offset Enkei RPF1 special order satin black,comes with red enkei stickers,lock nuts and a set of federal ss595 265 35 18 tires 2000$DEPOSIT TAKEN

                                -Brakes:Used(not much) Front big brake kit,6 piston calipers with hawk pads and J hook 13.5 inch rotors comes with partially steel braided lines ,hardware and brakets to fit.1200$ retail is over 2000$
                                -r32 custom cromoly cage 6 point wit alot of bracing.owdercoated satin black .Includes hardware and reinforceent plates for the underbody. 1000$
                                -Whiteline sway bars with whiteline endlinks(installed but never used) SOLD
                                -Fuel system(2L swirl pot,rc 1000cc injectors,-8 feed and return lines,-6an swirl pot lines,bosh 044 pump,checkvalve,aeromotive FPR,greddy fuel rail) installed but never used SOLD
                                -6boost T4 twinscroll manifold fits all rb s 950$ Brand new in box
                                -HKS Intercooler Used 3.75 inch SOLD
                                -Sparco Sprint V seat Installed but never used !!SOLD!!
                                -Old school bride seat rail(fits the sparco and others)!!SOLD!!
                                AEM digital gauges All Brand new
                                -Oil pressure 150$
                                -Water temp /oil temp/trans temp140$
                                -Uego Air fuel ratio gauge 150$
                                -Boost controller (TRU-BOOST) 200$
                                -HKS ET-S Atessa controller 300$ Used for one summer.

                                -AEM 5 gallon water meth kit Used SOLD
                                -SEIBON carbon hood fitted but never seen the road SOLD
                                -SEIBON carbon trunk fitted but never seen the road 400$
                                -ATTAIN carbon shield fitted but never seen the road 100$
                                -APEXI N1 cat back used for 3 months 300$
                                -BORG WARNER 83-75 1.00 ar with the v band option (100$+) and also has a 90 degree elbow tig welded on it BRAND NEW 900$
                                -Single turbo DOWNPIPE Greddy 3 inch with V band and air fuel ratio bung welded 200$
                                -N1 water pump New !!SOLD!!
                                -ATI 1000hp HARMONIC BALANCER 470$ BRAND NEW IN BOX
                                -Os giken TS2B clutch barely used, friction plates still have around the same thickness as new.Comes with short sleeve and brand new release bearing.SOLDVery good clutch for 600hp
                                -Transmission with c's short shifter 300$
                                -Apexi POWER FC D-jetro with map sensors and hand held commander.Installed but never used .SOLD
                                -PERSONAL pole position steering wheel used for a summer paid 275$ for it new SOLD
                                -NISMO Black SHIFT KNOB SOLD
                                -SUBFRAME just got braced ,sandblasted and painted with new solid bushings and strenghtened 200$
                                -KTS Hicas lock bar 90$

                                -AMS RUCA 130$ Brand new
                                -AMS FUCA SOLD
                                -AMS tension rods 100$ Brand new
                                -NISMO A arms 200$ Used
                                -NISMO traction links 110$ Used
                                -Fujimura auto Carbon LIP 500$
                                -Tein HR coilovers !!SOLD!!
                                -Yellow jacket coilpacks never used still in box SOLD
                                -Nismo polished front strut bar 70$
                                -Mines rear strut bar 90$
                                -Wilwood Prop valve never used but installed on car. 40$
                                -Valve covers SOLD

                                ADDED PARTS!!!
                                -BNIB TOMEI ajustable cam gears 280$ for the pair (i believe they fit all rb's)
                                -Brand new Greddy Timing Belt 100$
                                -Brand new Nissan Oem Idler/tensionner SOLD for the two (comes with new oem spring and idler bolt!!)
                                -BNIB Cometic metal exhaust manifold gaskets SOLD
                                -Brand new Cometic Head to Intake manifold Gasket SOLD
                                -Greddy upper rad pipe (polished) with sensor bung and couplers(barely used) SOLD
                                -Rb26 Alternator 50$-
                                Rb26 Starter 50$
                                -Rb26 Radiator OEM 50$
                                -TIAL Q Blow off valve BNIB 1 bar spring 200$

                                -1989 Nissan skyline r32 gt-r
                                Non rolling shell
                                N1 headlights
                                Bomex mirrors
                                N1 nismo spats
                                N1 front bumper
                                complete with glass
                                will have front suspension component but the tension rods,FUCA and coilovers
                                Complete Interior minus front seats
                                KH2 gunmetal grey
                                engine bay spot welded
                                Semi-wire tucked engine bay
                                (no hood or trunk)

                                Contact information:
                                pm , email or text 613-697-2826