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    icydude wrote:
    Hey everyone.

    Im looking for a place in alberta preferably where i could get a GTR tuned with a Power FC. I am thinking a 2d dyno will be fine so any help would be greatly appreciated. I would also be wondering if anyoen knew how, or a dyno where they could.

    I was thinking the same thing, but I was looking around in BC as well. Would be good to start this as a sticky to if we can get some info. Anyone wanna pitch in any past dyno experiences or knowledge about BC as well as Alberta?

    1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
    1990 Skyline GTS-R

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    well i have been searching for places, i have been able to find a couple but i dont know what they could do for me. i need the car tuned not me tuning it.

    edit: ok i remebered hearing had some serious tuners on it form way b4. this is the place i am going i think if i am able to do it.

    now i located the guys on beyond. the first is rage2 the woner of the site and he suposedly know wat hes doing and can do it well. the second guy goes my toma and he has the same status as rage2 in terms of tuning. so i think when it comes time i will be contacting them.


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      This is where I'm going, he doesn't have a 4WD dyno, but he can road tune my car. He does some pretty crazy stuff!


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        ok ive now been on a quest for awd dyno's in canada. i have found one in ontario and i stil lcant find the vancouver one or the supposed alberta one.


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          hey icydude, it's kelvin here, i'm pretty sure there are not many dynos in calgary, let alone the 4wd drive system. THe only place that i could think of is maybe there's one down my the bridlewood and someset c train station down south, very south in calgary. ummmm-email me at if you want. ppl can add me, mjust tell me who the hell you are first


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            I emailed, and called all the tuner shops in Calgary AND race city (Yes, I was depserate) None of them have a AWD Dyno and none of them say there are any around Calgary or even in alberta. They all said the closest was Vancouver or Seattle.


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              awd dyno would be more accurate since larger drivetrain loss.....just nice to see if we have them.....

              also found a tuning shop really good. they have great reviews and a strong base of ppl.


              Mailing Address:
              Apex Modified
              3271 Parsons Road,
              Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
              T6N 1B4

              Travis Kittlitz - president / dyno operator

              Adam Macneil - service manager

              Chris Francis - mechanic / fabrication

              phone: 1 (780) 485 APEX (2739)
              fax: 1 (780) 485 2726
              toll-free: 1 800 485 APEX


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                Good job everyone and thank you for all your work (especially Icydude. I think you need a hobby man :wink: ) and let's keep it up. I cleaned some of the non-relevant info out though, so we can keep this sticky as informative as possible. Thanx.

                1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
                1990 Skyline GTS-R


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                  wow this post is old....

                  just thought id share that i found a AWD dyno in calgary...

                  in between blackfoot and macleod trail on 42nd ave, the subaru club goes there to dyno their cars....

                  ill get the name of the place and post it for all of ya soon!


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                    We at RCTS are starting to tune the Skylines, infact I am buying a GTR soon to help get the GTR skyline ball rolling...
                    04 WRX / 90 GTR...soon


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                      Is there a Dynometer in Victoria?
                      Full-Race sponsored GTR. Anything else is half fast!



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                        the one and only that i 100% know about



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                          Does anyone know anything about Zippy's Auto in Edmonton?

                          I've spoken to some DSM guys who swear by Zippy's. More to the point, they're rumored to have, or be getting, and AWD dyno.
                          The Beaumont Connection


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                            Originally posted by GTR-Dad
                            Does anyone know anything about Zippy's Auto in Edmonton?

                            I've spoken to some DSM guys who swear by Zippy's. More to the point, they're rumored to have, or be getting, and AWD dyno.
                            I know of Zippy's but that is no the place with the AWD dyno. Blain the owner of PRODRAG is the one who has the AWD dyno

                            Both are DSM shops (I think) but I know once my GTi-R is done I am going to see what kind of power I am putting down!
                            Nismo stands for Nissan Motorsports, right? So then I guess Homo stands for Honda Motorsports?
                            GTi-R, the baby \'zilla!


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                              Tintmasters in Fargo, ND is rumored to be getting an AWD dynojet.

                              if this is true, i will be down there for opening day.

                              1990 Skyline GTR