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    Have not done may updates as have been busy with family and work. Slowly started bring the car back to stock and got rid of the carbon fiber wing, hood and Greddy Gracer front bumper. New stock R32 bumper. Also got a new HKS intercooler which required the bumper to be modified, but it did finally fit. I have a new front grill and lower front lip on order. Also had to get the car towed and the right rear lower control arm got damaged. This was discovered when a recent alignment was getting done. Ordered some nismo lower control arms. Will be working on some other smaller projects over the winter which I will provide some updates on

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      Works Bell quick release installed. Thanks to Adam at feast for this

      Took a bit getting used to as I kept missing the turn signal as the steering wheel position moves further away from the hub


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        Have a few small winter projects to work on. I decided to put my carpet back in as the floor was starting to get scratched up. I removed the seats, center console and lined up the carpet to match the harness bolts. Using scissors to simply cut small squares ended up being the best way as opposed to an exacto knife.

        Carpet was still in pretty decent shape considering it all the glue I scraped off the floor when getting it ready for paint

        You can see the eyelets on the floor.

        Most of the lower dash parts also had to be removed to get the carpet as far forward as possible. There is Velcro stapled to the under side of the carpet that is also glued onto the floor behind the pedals on the drivers side and behind the glovebox area on the passenger side. Still functional after 25 years if you can believe it

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          Something that was annoying me was the LHS signal light that had a broken tab, although it is pretty secure it was not held in with a screw. I ordered a new light from Japan. When I removed the old one and unplugged it the wires were so brittle they simply broke. Any time I do a small project it seems I just find other things that need to be sorted out. The nature of a project car I guess

          This is how the signal light should look

          Here you can see the broken tab on the LHS. Once you remove the screw you can pull the signal light out. The signal lights do need to be removed if you are taking off the bumper

          Here is the broken wire, these things just get brittle when they are old. They are very tough to replace as they are part of the engine harness so the plugs are hard to find, at least in my experience. I did find that 300zx sockets will fit the signal lights. That is another project to clear up the wires

          New light next to old one after I transferred the sockets

          Best I could do with what I have at home right now. At least it is sorted

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            The rubber molding on the driverís side door has slowly been falling apart. Something I thought was a 20 min fix. Turns out you need to take the inner door panel off and also the side view mirror panel and screws need to be loosened to wedge the rubber between the side view mirror and then tightened to secure it. Make sure you start from the side view mirror side and work your way towards the door handle side. Fish the rubber behind the hinge before you start securing anything or you might end up having to do it twice

            Old molding that is slowing falling apart

            New molding, signal light and some nismo carpets I had ordered to freshen things up a bit

            Here you can see how the old molding is secured between the side view mirror and the door. There are three bolts 10mm that need to be loosed in order to squeeze the new molding into place.

            This just makes it easier to pop the clips out...

            New molding in place and bolts tightened up to hold it in place.


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              Finally finished and got to enjoy a track day at The Ridge almost 10 years after starting the build. 1st track day at The Ridge, in Shelton, WA. Drove it from Surrey, BC to Shelton, WA and back to Surrey, BC. Round trip of just over 400 miles plus the track time. Car performed amazingly...driver needs some work . Due to time constraints and family it will be my only track day of the year.

              520 at the crank, 428 hp to the wheels on 16 psi tuned with chevron 94 pump gas

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