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Parts List for GT-Rs

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    sorry last post was one page before it this one wil bring you right to it


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      NAPA Gold 1396 (for '91-'95 MR2 2.0 L)


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        Originally posted by Danno View Post
        Nissan uses common parts for a lot of their vehicles. The part numbers are the same. Some parts work for cross-manufacturer as well. Why pay for shipping getting the common parts from Japan when they're in stock at your local parts shop?

        For example, RB oil filter: WIX Number 51394. This is also the same filter used in Toyota Corolla GTS - AE86's. If local parts stores have listings for RB oil filters, and you go in and ask for a WIX filter for your GTR, guess what the part number will be on the box?

        Why pay and wait for shipping when you can have it now, just so you can say you have a "Nissan Genuine oil filter" ?
        could someone confirm this wix number? will it work on an rb26?
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          Fram filter is 3682. K&N filter is 2008. RB26 uses the same oil filter as 300zx, 240sx. I promise these filters will work, I have changed my engine oil dozens of times.
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