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Jordies '93 GTST Type M... Progress Thread

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  • Jordies '93 GTST Type M... Progress Thread

    Hey guys, Been kicking around here for a few months now and thought I should do a brief introduction of myself and create a thread where i can show progress, rant rave ect ect.

    Here is My Story haha

    Up until this past december i had been ripping around in a '90 240sx with all the basics, SR, Coils, SSR/ Diamond racing wheels.

    it started off like this

    then quickly transformed into this: SR swap, FMIC, SSR Type C's and dumped on megan street coilovers.

    Then the drifting bug hit me, I started going to track days and really having fun with the car. I bought a bucket and some spare sets of steelies and started really having a blast.

    Added some oem aero and a wangan wing, Certifying the car for 300km/h+ highway runs down the 401

    At this point, Summer 2010, i graduated and got my degree in industrial design. I took a break from design and spent the better part of the summer working for Marketing for GM. I was givin the opportunity to drive celebs for the toronto Film Festival. The S13 got parked for a week and exchanged for a CTS Wagon

    It was a REAL treat to trade the slammed, 20 yr old 240 for a 2011 rwd caddy
    And this was my office for the next couple of weeks.

    had to give it back unfortunately, it was the perfect daily.

    Came across a set of diamond racing wheels, buddy wanted a straight trade for my shitty sized type C's, thought id give em a go. I totally regret the trade now. but live and learn. The diamonds were pretty aggressive 16x10+0 front and 16x10-12 rear with a 205 50 on them. I admit it looked pretty cool parked, but drove like ****.

    Since I was offered by the Marketing Team to go on the release team for the Chevy Volt. So i parked the car for another 6 weeks, packed my bags and headed for Cali.

    This was my car for the next 6 weeks. Techno-tronic.

    CRX esque

    My job was to tell salesmen about the cars and then do a quick comparison between the Volt and the current leading eco car the Prius.

    No comparison at all. but we did have alot of fun Flying around and "autocrossing" the eco cars on our "breaks"

    The 6 week tour took me from San Francisco, To LA (quick stop at the Final FD round at irwandale) Then to austin texas. At this point i got bored of flying, and opted to go with the Truck Driver for the next Leg, Austin Tx to Washington DC , in 2 days. It was amazing to see the country. We then finished up in NYC.

    Got back To canada just in time for winter..... Joy.

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    Jordie Lewis
    1993 Skyline Type M

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    After living it up in the states all fall, I had a bit of spare cash and The S13 either needed money dumped into it, or it was time to move on.

    It was a hard choice as it was my first car.... I landed a New job in product design, so i decided to splurge.

    +++++ENTER SKYLINE+++++ DEC 2010

    Picked a 93 GTS-T from a good friend Mark (scumbag) as he was moving out west.
    Came pretty much stock, 143xxx kms
    1.5 nismo diff
    Greddy/ Trust boost controller.
    Greddy Boost Gauge.
    Kei Office Coilovers.
    Nismo Wheels
    and some other little Things

    First picture, Also the worst picture ever haha.

    Got it towed home and washed.

    Then played with my girlfriends good camera.

    $hit Yea i have nawwws


    in that time my first product hit the market. Haha its called the Tanda ZAP, its a light therapy device which uses a specific wavelength of light to kill acne causing bacteria. theyre on sale in shoppers drug mart and Sephora cosmetic store. Its pretty neat seeing something you designed go into mass production. My GF found the Ad in her cosmo magazine.

    Springtime means time to get the car ready for summer and start having fun. I was getting the car ready for bings meet this past may when i came across a little problem....Yea it was split right through.

    Picked up some new HSD;s problem solved.

    Car got DE-Winged and got somewhat stanced

    The rims are Nismo NS5r's 17x9.5+ 25 and fit pretty decently.

    Scabbed some N1/gts-t non projector lights from my buddys skyline clip lucky me

    The car then got certified for 300 km/h again thanks to the wangan/ drag wing i picked up from mike belontey.

    This last picture was taken from someones cscs album, to bad my cars filthy

    That pretty much brings us to present day. I have a bunch of old school nismo parts that im waiting for (thx canada post) i also have a screamer elbow which im on the fence about puttin on. its just such a pain in the ass to do. If anyone has an old logo nismo shift knob, i want it (mine was stolen) and any other old school nismo stuff you have layin around ill pick it up

    thanks for reading ... Jordie
    Jordie Lewis
    1993 Skyline Type M


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      i love reading stories like this how each and every one of us came to be with out skylines! keep up the good work mate!
      1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R: 710whp 521 ft/lbs 27.5psi 11.8 @126mph low boost


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        Haha yeah that was a good read and good start on the skyline bro


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            Nice progress so far man, those wheels look sick.
            Victory is on the horizon..


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              So Not to long ago this happened...

              I was driving on the highway when up ahead i saw a 6 inch long bit of angle iron getting kicked around the lanes, it danced around, i had a car on either side of me so i did my best to straddle it. It popped up and went through my rad. I heard it hit, but oil pressure was fine and temps were ok as well, luckily my exit was next and i pulled off.

              Just got This in the mail...

              Should be able to keep things a bit cooler, Going to hopefully wire up and install altima fans on saturday before hitting the track on sunday for a little sliding. Should be a fun day.

              Ill leave you with a couple sweet shots of my friends Silvia and my Skyline

              Jordie Lewis
              1993 Skyline Type M


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                is there only two of those NS5R's?
                RB25 Powered RWD GT-R

                Owner for Turtle Garage Hicas Delete Systems


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                  haha no i have all 4. they came with 50 series sidewall tires on them and wouldnt fit up front. the last 2 pics i poster were super old.
                  Jordie Lewis
                  1993 Skyline Type M


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                    I loved that story! I also seen your product in a magazine at my grandparents (I was on the shitter, and was reading womans world hahah).
                    BNR32- Sold
                    1998 Evolution V


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                      ^^ Haha thats funny. Now im currently designing the Sign/Wire Carriers for the LRT expansion in Calgary.

                      I was looking around the office recently and found a book showing original sketches for the Skyline R32 ( i may have posted them before) but i think they're neat. the Skyline could have been sooooooo ugly. I wish i had a bigger scanner.

                      But the countdown is on 3 days until shannonville drift day... Need to fangle one of my front coils and roll my front fender a tad, install the rad and Altima fans. FML.
                      Jordie Lewis
                      1993 Skyline Type M


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                        i lobe youzzzz
                        Real Skyline owners have lost at least one to a freakish accident (*- ω -) = #dungive'a


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                          Had an amazing weekend this weekend. Ill let the pictures do the talking

                          thought it would be a good idea to put my new rad into my car before driftops. Got some altima fans to wire up instead of the stock (or so i thought) clutch fan.

                          Generic larger core rad. We made up a bracket to make the altima fans fit and even got adhesive foam to make sure there was a good seal between the shroud and the rad (also to protect the rad a bit) got around to installing them and it wouldnt clear the PS line . FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I was skeptical of using my stock clutch fan because it destroyed my first (aftermarket) rad because it flexed. Upon closer inspection the fan i had on my car was cracked and flexed at higher RPM. Got a minty fan, reved it up to limiter... cringed a bit... but the fan didnt flex at all. WIN.

                          Now i need to modify a stock shroud... anyone have one in the GTA PM me plz.

                          We had a great day working on stuff...attracted some cool cars out in the driveway. Since i live in a condo we were doing work at my buddy liams house

                          He drives a rude hatch. My friend Santi stopped by in his minty silvia.

                          My friend Jesse also was dealing with cooling issues.... I guess it happens in a 400hp SR'd vert

                          Liams dad is awesome and made us all bbq dinner

                          Also ditched the space ship wheel for a vintage nismo one

                          Some late night chillage before packing the car with tires and heading to shannonville.

                          SUNDAY DRIFTDAY

                          5 lug is a bitch ... its like changing 5x4 lug wheels ugh haha

                          The car ran like a champ, quickly got the hang of things. Never over heated and by the end of the day i was linking the last section at shannonville.

                          My family came by and i took my pops for a rip... he got the cool helmet.

                          Mom took blackberry pics while when she wasn't screaming or had her eyes closed, if you look closely theres a little angle and even less smoke

                          We got free stickers

                          and a friendly reminder when the next day is..

                          Best weekend ive had in a while, car worked amazing, couldnt be happier. There were lots of people hanging out with real cameras, once the pictures surface ill post more up.

                          I NEED A BUCKET haha

                          thanks for reading....
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                          Jordie Lewis
                          1993 Skyline Type M


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                            Pictures are starting to surface... super fun day

                            Mike n My skyline chillin in the Pits, his car looks gnarly

                            Sliding the last turn at shanny

                            Jordie Lewis
                            1993 Skyline Type M


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                              car looks kinda/pretty awesome with that wing. wheels look hot too. A+ from random internet man.