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Engine fluid quantities?

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    Originally posted by M13 View Post
    Yes. I've used Gunk and it's been fine.
    I've heard a bunch of different stuff. Some use generic, some use tranny fluid. Heard something about synthetic, also heard something about nissan specific stuff.

    I would like a straight answer, preferably something that is recomended in the owners manual.
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      Hp-2008 k&n will fit like said above
      16.99 from partsource

      Or a crappy fram


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        changed all my fluids today, RB20 GTS-T, 1.5L LSD GL-5 80W90 in diff, 2.7L GL-4 75W90 in tranny, roughly 5.5-6L coolant (accounting for spilling) and 4.5L motor oil
        1989 GTS-T daily driver (except winter) 15.6 1/4 in calgary @ 95mph love it


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          using mobil1 m1-209 oil filter $15 at canadian tire
          1989 GTS-T daily driver (except winter) 15.6 1/4 in calgary @ 95mph love it


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            Here is the service manual pages for the R34 RB25 ( also 20 and 26 i think ).

            I also took it upon myself to email Nissan and double check with the oil as i see many different recommendations. Here is what they said;

            This is in reply to your e-mail dated August 11, 2013, concerning your
            Nissan Skyline. First of all, thank you for your patronage of our

            With regard to your inquiry, we would like to provide you with the
            information on the engine oil for the RB25DET NEO engine of Japanese
            specification Skyline R34 as follows. Also, please refer to the
            attached information;

            Engine oil: 5W-30

            We hope the information will be useful for you.

            Sincerely yours,

            Chikako TAGUCHI
            Customer Communication Center

            Here is a picture they also included ;

            personally I prefer products from MOTUL; As they use full synthetic base in their oils as opposed to Mobil1 , Castrol, etc. Which uses mineral base in their "synthetic" oil. This is simply personal, no proof that this is the "best" . Though Mobil1 is supposed to have bad resistance to heat and lose its viscosity quickly. And skyline turbos can get pretty hot as we all know...

            Nissan JPN recommended Motul 8100 Eco-Nergy 5w30 for general use. Following would be X-max or X-cess 5w30/5w40 higher heat applications such as street/highway use. And for a semi synthetic they recommended 6100 synergie 10w40. All good choices depending on your application. They also recommended Motylgear 75w-90 for diff/tranny fluid. They did not have comments on fluids such as 300v , or gear 300. They also did not comment on other brands such as RP or redline when i asked about all of them.

            Hope this helps!

            I'm thinkin' RB's