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Use 95 accord headlights for DOT compliance

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  • Use 95 accord headlights for DOT compliance

    I got a friend of mine to put these in on friday. I'm still working on the brackets but for the most part they fit well.

    Check out the photos and tell me what you think.

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    I knew they would fit well i talked to stinky about this idea i vnr followed through with it but they look alright
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      I'm impressed! Those look very good, better than I thought a non "custom made" unit could!

      Fitment is decent and I think with a little work and maybe a rubber grommet or two could look next to perfect.

      Well done!!
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        wow the nicest fitment indeed.. care to pm me when you finish with the brackets? I jst need to know how easy it will be to do.. Are you from bc?


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          Nice work! It looks pretty good.

          Kind of off topic, but what are the little "nubs" on the lens of headlights for? I've seen them on quite a few vehicles, including my truck. You can see the three of them in this picture:
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            You set up the headlight alingment tool on the nubs.
            Those lights look great. good job!


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              very VERY nice indeed!

              I think this goes in as the best modification so far! Are you going to share how the attachment and such end up?

              I may do this to my car. I bet you get WAY better illumination of the road with them like that!?

              The only thing to add is that these do not have a marker light built in to them, so you will for sure need to do the marker light mod to the side lights. But that is VERY cool looking.

              I am gonna take a look at the wrecker and see if I can find a set of these for cheap!


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                great fitment thanks!
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                  AH!!! Stupid company firewall.... I have to wait till I get home to see the picture!!:hit_head:
                  However, it's been great comments. So, great job and thanks for sharing.
                  In the end the gov't will do as they please and if they do kill the 15 yr rule life will go on, and we will find other cars readily available to pour our hearts and wallets into. The Skyline is a great car, but its not the only one. It might be a case of easy come easy go.------------- JZ


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                    wow, near perfect fitment!

                    and yuo are wearing sandals and shorts? where do you live?
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                      I think we have a winner . . .


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                        I live in Vancouver. But I always wear sandles.


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                          When I get the proper brackets made. I'll post the pics. I think It should be very easy to rig!

                          cheers guys!


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                            can you give us a quick hint. I have "heard" that to fit these lights you have to cut out the back of the skyline stock light locations. If thats the case we could never put it back with the old lights.

                            DId you have to hack up the car too much to where it could not be reversed?

                            I am just thinking down the road for when we can get DOT skyline lights that re designed for the car. Not that you would "need" to these really do look great!

                            Also, an easy way to get rid of those gaps would be to make a eyelid type fiberglass strip foer the top part. It would make the headlights look more aggresive and cover up the fitment issues.

                            That could make a nice kit to have the headlghts and custom done eyelids for the top. Maybe later I will try and photoshop what I am talking about.

                            Great job again BTW: I am really excited about these!!


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                              they look very nice, good job.

                              I've seen a set of these in a car at a shop in vancouver today & they look very close to stock. better than my corsica lights :-( , but at least my car got through today. now if I could only have made my own tires ,considering victoria now wants pictures of the of the tires & will only pass the JIS tires with load ratings on the sidewall.