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I'm Young And Want A Skyline (GTR)

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  • Originally posted by Adler View Post
    Cool beans. When I have enough money to look into buying one, what do you suggest I research/ask first?

    ...also, thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate hearing your personal experiences.
    Start with the stickies in the major sections, then make use of the search button for specific questions, after that you should be pretty well educated on Skylines. Also if you show that you have made an effort to look for the info before posting a thread you will avoid the flaming from some members who have been on here a long time.

    Also since you are in Calgary there will probably be some meets (check the Western Region thread), consider attending (even before you have a Skyline) and talk with local owners, they tend to be more than willing to help out other enthusiasts so long as you come with a mature attitude.
    1994 R32 GT-R V-Spec II

    Originally posted by aN4rk1
    Like frig, is it really that hard to spell properly on the "internetz"?? I don't know whether these guys just choose to spell like that or don't know HOW to spell...either way...WTF?


    • dang I feel so bad now, I've wanted a skyline since forever but reality has just slapped me in the face, so now I don't know what kind of car I'll drive once I get my g2 (my family doesn't have a car, my dad had an accident).

      I loved the gtr because of the AWD any one willing to recommend any to me?


      • I bought my skyline when I was 16.

        I can't remember but one of the first posters on this said that it's more about maturity then age.

        At first I had little respect for the car, 2nd season came around and I've babied the thing ever since.
        Originally posted by Robski
        do you really want something a guy with a Civic has?


        • I'm 15... I want a GTR... but I'm saving up for one. I don't plan on getting one for at least 6 more years. I'm saving up for Uni, and insurance rates will be way too high. By the time I get an R32 it'll be cheap too because of the mass flood of R34s now being able to come into Canada after the 15 year rule. Also, I plan on getting a manual beater and driving that for quite some time so I get some experience with smooth clutch operation, so I won't burn the hell out of the clutch in the R32.


          • There won't be a mass flood of R34's , the price of a half decent one will make them inaccesible to most people .

            The price of R32 will increase because the states will be able to have them under their 25 yearr ruling, i can imagine many canadians will sell to the states .


            • Damn, I never thought of that. Somehow I got the impression that cars like these are a dime a dozen in Japan and cost next to nothing, even the R34. I guess it could be true, but somehow the importers will jack up the prices quite a bit.


              • I did some research , the R34 in Japan in decent shape is still fetching $35k - $65k depending on condition and mods , milage etc.

                The importers have to make profit on them but this initial net worth will keep them out of reach for most.

                I considered trading in my r33 for one , but really my R33 is in such good condition , has enough leg room for me , and will be completely restored by the time these land here . I can't justify it for the different body shape and the extra G meter on the dash .