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Guide: Registering and Insurance in Each Province/Territory

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    Hey FarShark, Could you please give me the contact info of you agent as well please? I am in the process of buying my dream Skyline GTR R32 and can not get anyone one to even consider the car unless i got high risk or Facility. I'm 22, Full G, 5 Star driving recored but still can't get anywere yet. Please help me. Thanks in advance.


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      Tips for Alberta:

      Insurance, I go through TD Meloche Monnex, they only provide liability cover for RHD. I have 2 vehicles insured with them, and being a SAIT graduate it's pretty cheap so no complaints. They may ask you to fax them a Bill of Sale but that is about it. If you want full coverage, try Co-Operators, if you can Visit Michael at the Cannmore branch he will get you insurance no problem.

      Okay now for registration. I went through a lot of running around and hit up a few registries in town to try and find some "JDM friendly" registries. So far here are my findings, summed up (see my thread here for more details):

      Taradale Registries - Don't bother

      Registry Unlimited - Hit n miss. Some agents know what they are doing, some don't have a clue. If one can't help you, ask to see another agent. There's a Caucasian girl here who wears glasses, and has an eyebrow piercing, she knows what she is doing. Don't get her confused with the one with the nose piercing lol, although I believe she has been there awhile too and probably knows what she is doing as well.

      Crowfoot Plates - Pretty much same as Registry Unlimited. They got people who can help you out.

      New Urban Registry - They seem to know what they are doing (but see below).

      To get a In-Transit permit, you need 2 items:
      -Alberta Bill of Sale(same one you use to buy a used car locally). Yes I know, 99% chance if you brought this car in from Japan, you never got one. Print one off, fill in the buyers info, then fax it off back to your Exporter and have them complete the Seller, and fax it back signed. I know it sounds stupid to have to do this, but registries frown upon any other sort of Invoice, including the one you get from Japan. Save the hassle and just complete an Alberta Bill of Sale and your registries experience will be a lot smoother, believe me.

      - Proof of Insurance. Pink card or the temporary one you print off from home will work.

      - You driver's license

      To get your OOP Request Form:
      - Alberta Bill of Sale
      - Proof of Insurance
      - Driver's license
      - Your Importation Form 1 from Transport Canada, stamped by Canada Customs.

      Alright, when you go in let them know "I need a OOP request form for an Out of Country Import" remind them before they start doing anything by stating "the vehicle will not be in the RIV-Registrar of Imported Vehicles, as it is exempt"- and point to the third section of Form 1 where it states this. You should do this because they are so use to processing American imports that DO require the RIV completed. If they overlook this, they will do an RIV search then tell you the car isn't in the system. Well they are correct, because it isn't suppose to be, it doesn't have to be. After they have that straight, they should be able to issue you your OOP Request Form. Make sure they don't take your White Form 1, they can make a copy of it, but they should not take it until your OOP is complete and you are ready for plates.

      That's about it, get your OOP completed, then return and you basically repeat the same step as above, to get your Request, but this time it'll for your plates, and this is when you'll surrender the White Form 1 from you. And of course don't forget the OOP form the mechanic will give you.
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        2 quick questions

        Currently own a '10 gtr but looking to import a R32. The thing that kind of scares me is the fact that you have to get a new VIN " re-assigned" ? My main concern regarding this is that next year when the 89's are legal to bring into the US, will this cause issues when trying to registering the car.

        Also, I have importer in Japan that is doing most of the work but would like to know who people recommend here for doing the paperwork BC side?

        Thank you



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          Hi all, Im trying to get my hands on an R32 GTR, they guy has it registered and insured in QC but im from ON. What would be the process to get it registered and insured in ON? Any updates on insurance companies I could go with?


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            I had to jump through a ton of hoops to get this thing registered... Thought I might help anyone who comes along and sees this.

            Registering your R32/R33 in Ontario

            What you'll need:
            - Bill of Sale (if buying used)
            - Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP) (if buying used)
            - Ownership of Vehicle with all sale information completed (if buying used)
            - Import Documents (if importing)
            - Safety Certification
            - Appraisal (required for all vehicles over 20 years of age)
            - Drive Clean Emissions Test (Full Pass) *
            - Driver's License
            - Insurance Policy Number

            * BEFORE you do an emissions test, call the Drive Clean office! You can request a "Grey Market Vehicle Form" that increases the emissions limits on your vehicle. It takes a few days to complete the process but it is well worth the effort as it makes your future e-tests a lot simpler.

            NOTE: Your vehicle must be registered to you before you can apply for this exception. To do so, go to a Service Ontario location and request temporary plates before applying (note: appraisal, bill of sale/import docs, signed ownership, UVIP, Insurance Policy Number, and Driver's License are required to get temporary plates).

            To register a vehicle as 'grey market' with Drive Clean, you will need to provide them with the following:

            - Importation papers for the vehicle indicating country of origin, including date of import and matching VIN/Serial Number.


            - If the vehicle has been re-sold after importation and the original importation documentation is no longer available, please submit documentation confirming that the vehicle was not manufactured for sale in North America. This documentation is available from the vehicle manufacturer.

            (the easiest option)
            - If the vehicle has right-hand drive, no paperwork is required. Please submit three photographs clearly showing:
            (1) the rear of the vehicle, including identifiers such as make, model, and licence plate;
            (2) VIN plate or door sticker; and
            (3) right-hand drive -- photo must be taken through the open driver's door clearly showing the right-hand drive components including the steering wheel, gear shift, clutch (if equipped) and brake/accelerator pedals.
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