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    Removing ABS


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      20 year old technology abs is the leading cause of accidents. After HICAS, my abs was gutted. Now the driver is responsible for the stopping, not some goofy crap.

      Edit: but hey I guess you got your 5th useless spam post at least.
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      No build thread.
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        Wow abs useless ???? That's a first. I guess you would rather lock up and skid into a pole then goofy crap around it...

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          Well....Nissan's ABS in these cars is useless for sure. ABS is only good when it works, if it starts to get are in deep sh1t

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            I've never agreed with having ABS in any car... I don't think it's useless l, I just feel that it doesn't solve the "problem". The more automated safety features that come into play, the more people rely on them... Then what happens when they fail? Massive accidents.

            Would be awesome if everyone in Ontario were forced to take defensive/reactive and proactive driving courses like they do in Sweden...